On the heels of today’s post, I feel a need to surround myself with things that are going to jumpstart my motivation. But I don’t think my inspiration board is big enough…
I need a whole dang wall! Such a dream! Right now I divide my teeny board into overall inspiration and client projects, with a little space along the bottom for personal stuff (like photos and invitations to events). This is like… quadruple that space. I’ve got to figure out a way to replicate it (even if it is on a smaller scale) in my home!

*image by william waldron for elle decor

22 responses on “RE:INSPIRED

  1. Nancy

    What is it about inspiration? Or is it motivation? Sometimes I just need a good kick , or a stick of dynamite to turn my inspirations into actual finished projects…thanks for prodding me!

  2. Kilee

    Yes! I would love to have a whole inspiration wall. I did that one time in college. I posted a whole wall with magazine ADS that I liked.

  3. Sarah the Stylist

    One of my friends who is a makeup artist, author and visionary has a massive frame the size of a wall that has a corkboard inside. It’s filled with her dreams and visions for her life. Inspiring!

    Cable Car Couture

  4. null

    The pictured wall is grass cloth and then trimmed with ribbon along the edges, nailheads are added every couple inches to make more glamorous.

    Hope this helps for everyones inspiration boards!

  5. null

    This same image inspired me to create my own wall. I purchased a sheet of homasote (sound insulation) from Dixieline for $26 and burlap for $12 at a discount fabric store in San Diego. We put up a few wall anchors and drilled through the board and now have an 8×6 bulletin board for under $50!

  6. Bettina

    I think I’ve seen this same office setup on Pinterest and have pinned it hoping to replicate something similar at home. It’s truly such a great space the width of that board is ahhhmazing! Take a picture and post about it if you are able to recreate!

  7. Brighton

    Oh i agree this would be fabulous – I would need a whole wall as well and THEN Some! Plus, I’d need some very temporary tape/adhesive because my ideas are always changing/evolving.

    Thanks for sharing! I’d love to see YOUR space πŸ™‚

  8. Karena

    Cassandra I need more space as well, never enough room for all of these percolating ideas!


    Art by Karena

  9. Shannon

    when i was growing up one whole wall in the kitchen (a large wall) and a bit around the corner was ALL CORK BOARD…it was made of 12×12 squares of cork…the entire wall. It held our art!

    My mom was ahead of the times πŸ™‚

  10. Jill

    Great office space! The inspiration board is amazing! I love how the printer is hidden too. I think this is an idea I need to try.

  11. cassandra @ coco kelley

    ladies, project cork wall is in full effect. i think this one might even be covered in a burlap? which means cork burlap and i’m sure a DIY disaster, but i’m going to go for it. stay tuned!!

  12. Heartfire At Home

    Aah, brilliant! I’d love to have the spot to do just that. It’s all very neat and tidy too!

    Linda. πŸ™‚

  13. Kimberly

    Oh my gosh! I would love to have that inspiration board! My online blog folders just aren’t very inspiring, you know?


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