Guess Who’s Coming To Seattle?

BLOGSHOP!! And yes, I’m that excited. My girl Bri Emery and her partner in talented crime, Angela Kohler are bringing their sensation sweepin’ the nation to Seattle. What is it exactly? So glad you asked…
Blogshop is a Photoshop bootcamp. It’s a chance to dive right into what can be a totally intimidating design program and come out the other end knowing all sorts of handy little tricks – like how to get rid of those bags under your eyes in your headshot. Er… I mean, edit images into really cool posts. It’s also incredibly helpful for those of you running your own small businesses so you can make your online presence look more professional without having to pay someone to do it!

The program is two intense days, February 4th – 5th, and I’ll be helping to host (woo hoo!) so you better believe I’ll be in attendance. (A girl can only go so far with self-taught Photoshop skills.) So, if you’re interested in joining me and these lovely ladies, you best pop right on over to the site to sign up. Want more info? Read this first.

I hope to see some of my favorite Seattleites there!

*image by angela+ithyle