It’s moody, but not dark. Sophisticated, but not stuffy. It might be my most favorite color in the world right now…
1 Rachel Taylor by Nick Leary styled by Trevor Stones for Vogue AU
It’s not your typical teal… so what do you call it? I’m especially loving how it looks accented with these warm buttery backgrounds…

*images via fgr and style me pretty

37 responses on “SOMETHING IN THIS SHADE…

  1. amydancingfish

    I would call that Peacock Blue… It’s one of my favorite shades of teal. I painted my home desk that color. Love!

  2. Marissa

    Seconds on the regal sounding Peacock Blue. I painted my room that color in high school (with a horrible huge poster of Keanu Reeves!).

  3. Natalie

    Peacock Blue… its one of my favorites, especially for fall with a little pop of burnt orange. LOVE IT!

  4. null

    The color is mallard blue, like on a mallard duck. It’s a little more green than peacock blue. Love this color!

  5. Blythe

    I love this color! So regal and gutsy. Looks good on everyone, even pale redheads like me! Never realized how great it looks with golds/yellows.

  6. Carl

    Regardless of what color it is, it’s great. I love this range of color. I’ve always wanted to do a modernist room around such a color. ~best

  7. Emily

    I would call it awesome sauce…nothing else. I was watching a home design show and a woman painted her middle island that color. It looked amazing with her white cabinets. Just killer.


    Yesssss I LOVE this color too and it is also my favorite color. I would love to know where that dress is from- so beautiful!

  9. Something Old, Something New

    Great color! Perfect for Fall – I’m thinking a sweater in this color with some leggings or jeans and tall brown boots!


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