Room of the Week: A House in Venice

Yes, I know you were all thinking Italy, but no. This is the other Venice – which is actually a bit more near and dear to my heart because it’s the neighborhood I grew up in! So, when I discovered this home designed by Jamie Bush, I totally fell in love with its retro beach vibe – if only for nostalgia’s sake…
Talk about a flashback! But, do you spy what I spy? Check out the fab cork lamp, and those amazing side tables! And the double mirrors in the corner are an interesting trick for the eye. Certainly opens the space up, doesn’t it?
The lotus chandelier in the living room is also in the dining area. I like how they kept this a bit more modern with marble flooring and clean lines, but a retro orange to tie it into the living space. A glimpse down a hallway reveals how eclectic this home truly is – mustard yellow piano anyone??
What could be a shagadelic bedroom gets lovely with lilac curtains – a very rich and somewhat retro concept, but well done in this case, I think. This room does an excellent job of blending the two styles of the home into one space. And, oh yes, I’ll take that patio too.

What do you think? Could you live with this? I think the living room might be a bit much for me, but the space itself seems simply fantastic!

21 responses on “Room of the Week: A House in Venice

  1. Anonymous

    Not something I'd normally be drawn to, but I love the huge piece of art in the living room. It's really striking.

  2. Anonymous

    Have to agree with AphroChic…the bedroom is the best part. The art in the living room is way too much for me.

  3. Anonymous

    i think the living room is pretty damn perfect- it looks like my dream house from when i was a tot in the 70's. i saw the home published somewhere, but i don't remember that shot of the living room, so i'm glad you posted it!

    the bedroom with it's miles of curtains, is probably a brilliant solution to the awkward window behind the bed, but i get a little sneezy thinking about all that fabric, capturing all that dust! (not something i'd have a problem with if i had a staff to deal with the cleaning issues, mind you 😉

  4. Anonymous

    maison21, i couldn't agree more with all you said! i'm fairly certain there's an awkward window behind that bed too because i'm not sure why else you'd do such a treatment. while i do like it, i think it would get old fast… especially with the dust maintenance!

  5. Anonymous

    I love the mustard piano. I don't think I could live in this house, but it sure is fun to look at! Very fun.
    xo Isa
    come throw your name in the hat at my place for a give away! =)

  6. Anonymous

    There is alot going on in that living room, I think a lighter coffee table would help. I like the fruit-by-the-foot wall art though!

  7. Anonymous

    Smells a tinge like Kelly Werstler…

    Especially the piano bit.

    And, I am all over that Living room!

    P.S. That wall-o-curtain behind the head board, is an old beach shack trick to hide a make shift Closet!!!

  8. Anonymous

    I think the problem in the bedroom is not the window behind the bed but the picture hanging there.

  9. Anonymous

    I want that piano!!! Thanks for always sharing such inspiring rooms that cover a wide variety of tastes!!!

  10. Anonymous

    That living room is freaking sweet! though it actually looks more like it belongs in a mid-century home up in the Palm Springs hills rather than Venice. Either way, I have the sudden urge to grab some of my best Burboun, mix up an Old Fashioned and park myself on that sofa.

  11. Anonymous

    I am jumping on the mustard piano bandwagon– so much fun! And while I'm not normally a huge purple person, I think it's done perfectly in the bedroom. Also, I would happily take that patio space too.


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