Style (e)scapes: Top Ten Essentials From Creategirl!

Julieann Covino over at CreateGirl is one of my most favorite people… and I’ve never even met her! It must be our love of Red Sox baseball and interiors that unites us. Either way, I’ve been wanting to have her over to c+k for a while now, and I was so happy when she sent over this fabulous list of her Top 10 Picks for summer patio styling! (And, if you happen to live in the Boston area, check out her company, Jace Interiors, for a little interior design assistance!)

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Thanks to the amazing Cassandra for asking me to guest post on one of my favorite topics, escaping to the patio!! Here are some affordable patio pieces to make your summer even more comfortable!

CreateGirl’s Top 10 Essentials for Patio Living Big or Small Decks, Patios, Backyards or Small Pieces of Asphalt (whatever you have to call your outdoor space – make the most of it!)

A few simple pieces can create a comfortable summertime room! Here are my Top 10.
• As you are taking that lazy afternoon nap you will need a pillow so opt for a bold fun print like these from Williams Sonoma Home. Coral and Turquoise are so trendy and the combination of 22″ and outdoor use these are perfect!

• While I nap on my chaise lounge I will be dreaming of dining on this amazing statement table from Nan Quinn. The benches and chairs she creates are also just so sweet and would have all guests talking long after they are gone!

• What patio would be complete without the ever fancy cooler? Napa Style offers this cooler/table, I know a little extravagant but it’s a piece you will keep forever! After all, you want to keep the drinks cold while the temperature rises.

• Just because you are outside doesn’t mean you should forget your design rules. Pull together and brighten up your space with an outdoor rug. I love the bold prints over at Rugs Direct. The options are endless and you can use in the basement or a mudroom in the cooler months
• Even in the city we have our share of pesky bugs. Keep them at bay with these Sur La Table fun colored citronella candles. They are too cute wrapped in bamboo!

• On my deck Twinkle lights are a MUST have especially for those romantic dinners you are sure to plan. The star bursts from Solutions are battery powered so there is no need to scour the house for an ugly extension cord.
• If you are anything like me there will always be friends and family dropping in so make sure you have extra seating. These “Sunny” chairs fromCB2 stack so you can leave them in the corner when not in use.

• My readers know I am a girl who can get a weee bit chilly so this is really for me. Why end the party just because the temps drop? This will keep me and guests happy until the early morning hours! Restoration Hardware’s Table Top Heat Lamp is perfect! Patio parties in October? With this YES!
• A Side table is essential for both a bench and a place to stack magazines. This is a great option from Home Infatuation. With an extra shelf it’s a good place to keep the blackberry out of the sun and if you must store the laptop!

• Outdoor dining does not mean paper plates are required. Dress the BBQ up with these melamine Thomas Paul plates I found over at Grand. I promise the burgers will taste even better!

I hope you enjoyed my essential pieces for the perfect patio. Make it a decorated room you will love to spend time in!

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Thank you so much Julieann! I am SO going to have to get one of those mini heaters myself!! This California girl doesn’t like the chill factor either! And those are definitely some of the best-looking citronella candles I’ve seen yet. I love your selections for how fun yet practical they are!! Even thinking about a spot for the laptop – that’s the sign of a true blogger.