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Room Of The Week: Lucky #77

If seven is lucky, then is a double 7 just as lucky? Let’s just say it is because this, my friends is the 77th Room of the Week post on coco+kelley.

Since it’s birthday week around here, I thought I’d dig through the archives and see if I could pull out some of my favorites. Well, I couldn’t. Honestly. There’s just too much good stuff. So, if you feel so inclined, I urge you to browse through all the archives yourself. And enjoy #77…
Remember when that tag was going around asking for you to find a space that defines your style? Well, I shared mine right here, but I’d have to say that this space really does it for me. The white light and airy room, the pairing of worn word in the antique table with thoroughly modern chairs. Fresh flowers. Personal artwork. Lack of clutter. The only thing its missing is a larger chandelier. I’m such a sucker for those!

While this style wouldn’t necessarily work for me in a living room space (where I would want a bit more warmth) for the kitchen or casual dining room, I really do love it. Plus, it would be easy to cozy up in the winter with a big floor rug or some curtains… maybe those infamous faux fur pelts from Ikea for the chairs!

Either way… if I could enjoy a lovely supper here with friends on this gorgeous sunny Seattle day, I absolutely would. Here’s to many more fabulous rooms to come…!

*photography by annie schlechter