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Room Of The Week 7.24

I’ve been skipping on my usual Thursday ‘Room of the Week’ feature lately, so apologies for those who look forward to it! It’s just that recently I’ve been posting so many rooms that I felt it a bit redundant. But, I’ve collected up some absolute stunners (in my book anyway) that require the coveted title. So… what do you think about this one?

Imagine, for a minute that this is your home. Or, actually, it’s not quite yet your home. You’re looking for something a bit more modern and clean, perhaps, and the space is heavy with huge dark wood built-ins that are beautiful, buuuut… maybe not quite what you had in mind. Do you walk away? Give up on the possibility of what it could be? NO! You paint it all in white, keeping the oversized original architecture just as it is. You don’t even need to touch the ceiling because it’s absolutely fantastic. The fireplace? It definitely stays. You tear out everything else, build in clean modern islands topped with marble (what else?). You add a modern lighting fixtures, but in white so they blend incredibly well. You put in flooring that is a bit more ideal for a kitchen, top it off with a fabulously placed mirror, and you, my dear, have created a culinary dream. Well done.

(Room via desire to inspire.)