We may not have our 4th of July plans solidified yet, but I know one thing that will be happening this weekend – dessert. And, let’s be honest, it’s hard to stray from anything red white and blue when celebrating your nation’s birthday, so on top of being thankful for our freedoms, let’s be thankful that these colors also lend themselves so well to some indulgent sweets!


1 // You’ll spend a little time making the shortbread spoons, but the rest of the recipe is a super simple combo of vanilla ice cream, raspberry sorbet and blueberries to top!

2 // Because who doesn’t like an excuse to bake an ombre cake? Or perhaps a rainbow version is even more appropriate this year…

3 // A gluten-free granola crust and frozen yoghurt makes this dessertweeeee bit more on the healthy side. I love the berry topping that gives it that pinwheel pattern.

4 // This is one of my favorites for the simple fact that I love panna cotta, and I LOVE the idea of sprinkling edible stars on pretty much everything. This version happens to be a boozy dessert, but you can easily substitute to make it for all ages.

5 // These cookies are made from vanilla cake batter – add some red and blue sprinkles and you’ve got some seriously festive, messy, delicious ice cream sandwiches on your hands.

6 // What’s better than s’mores? A s’mores cobbler of course. Adding strawberries (or any berries really) to the mix makes this a delicious communal dessert – no fire required.

Pick a favorite, any favorite. The panna cotta and s’mores are calling my name…


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Lately I just can’t get travel off my mind – I’m already planning some big (and little!) trips for the coming year, from a return to Marrakech for our styling workshop to a potential getaway in Jamaica (what!) all I want to do is hop a plane! So while some of you may be getting away to summer homes or local beaches this weekend, I’ll be dreaming of being here… in Portugal.


This sunny spot in Camporta, just outside of Lisbon is an area I’ve just become familiar with as I’ve started to do research on my Portugal getaway. Lisbon was already on my list of next destinations – in fact, I was planning on heading there on our way back from Morocco – so if you happen to be the owner of this bright and happy home, maybe I could just come and stay a bit?



The bright living area is my favorite room – the extra long ottoman makes the space for me. But I love the subtle stripes everywhere, and the pops of saturated pink! This color scheme takes place throughout the home and is done in such a tasteful fun way. From art to textiles, the splashes of magenta are spot on.


The oversized pendant in the dining area is a fun addition as well – a perfect addition that doesn’t overwhelm. I also like the touches of high-contrast black in the decor. Not something I would normally think of for a beach house, but it totally works and creates a little drama.

And of course, I have to share a few bits from the rest of the house…



A beautiful outdoor dining area just off the kitchen on a porch that leads down to the pool.  



Both bedrooms are keeping in line with the palette in the living area with loads of white and hits of that gorgeous magenta. Doesn’t it feel so fresh and chic? Love those linen slipcovered headboards – those are definitely next on my personal wishlist.

And it looks like those stairs lead up to another lofted sleeping area. If you don’t mind, I’ll just claim that one, and move in? See ya at the pool.

images :: neuvo estilo

One response on “ROOM OF THE WEEK 7.1 (A LESSON IN PINK)

  1. Arielle

    That house is dreamy! This is the second time this week that I’ve heard someone rave about Portugal, and it’s inching me closer and closer to planning our own trip.


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We’re in the midst of a little office makeover at coco+kelley headquarters, so naturally I had to put together a little moodboard to start pulling the look together. A big part of this update? COLOR! Or at least some major splashes of it…

all white attic workspace with moroccan boucherouite rug | coco+kelley

all white attic workspace with moroccan boucherouite rug | coco+kelley

This bright and airy space is lending me tons of inspiration. I love the all-white walls (necessary for a creative space) and the neutral work surfaces. In fact, we already have the green chairs too. But the finishing touch? OBVIOUSLY that Moroccan Boucherouite rug!

So we’ve partnered up with one of  my favorite sources for these colorful pieces – The Pink Rug Co. – to not only add the finishing touch to our space, but to give you the opportunity to WIN A MOROCCAN RUG. Seriously people!!

the coco+kelley office makeover plus your chance to WIN A MOROCCAN RUG!

1. oversized art by katie craig for minted // 2. pink and copper wall clock // 3. woven and white lacquer tray // 4. white dining table // 5. green dining chair // 6. boucherouite rug

Here’s how to enter!

  1. Follow Pink Rug Co.’s pretty pinterest page.
  2. Pin your favorite rug from the Pink Rug Co’s pinterest board PRC MOROCCAN RUGS
  3. Leave a comment on this blog post letting us know that you’ve followed along, and which rug you love at Pink Rug Co. shop!

The contest will run for two weeks, so leave your comment by midnight July 13th. Don’t forget to leave your email address in the comment submission form (not in the comment itself!) so we can reach you if you win! Fine print alert: the winner will be able to pick from a selection of 14 rugs that we’ve selected for you to choose from! (Trust me, they’re all amazing!). This contest is open internationally, so get pinning!

As for me… I’m desperately trying to decide which rug I want for myself! Color? Or black and white? Big or small? So many options…

images :: lotta agaton


  1. Vincenza

    I’ve followed your Pinterest page and sure glad I did, what beautiful stuff! I pinned the White Breaking Wave rug, love the blue color. These rugs are unbelievable!

  2. Paula O

    For today, my favorite is Frequent Silent Sunshine, a nod at the pink bougainvillea and sunny sky outside my office window.

  3. Nicholl

    Hello! I am following Pink Rug Co. on Pinterest. I pinned the “All Summer I Made Friends With Creatures Nearby” rug. There are so many fantastic styles to choose from and it is great that the winner can select from 14 styles.

  4. Elisabeth

    Wow! Such pretty stuff! I followed and pinned All SUMMER I Made Friends With CREATURES NEARBY 11’x6′ Beni Ourain. Moroccan Beni Ourain Rug. Mid Century Modern. Danish Design Compliment. It’s so beautiful!!!

  5. Tanya

    oh my goodness!!! this is the best collaboration ever (: doesn’t hurt that i’ve just moved into a new apartment and a beni ourain rug is at the top of my dream decor list! entered, of course.

  6. Regula Stalder

    I follow along Pink Rug Co.’s pretty pinterest page
    And really, really love : A CROWN OF WILDFLOWERS 8’x5′ Boucherouite Rug. Tapis Moroccan Berber. Mid Century Modern. Danish Design Compliment at Pink Rug Co. shop!

  7. Vanessa

    Oh my gosh, I love the I REMEMBER the WIND in My HAIR rug. So so beautiful! It would be the perfect thing to cheer up my little condo!

  8. Carolyn L

    Loved them all, but I was just crazy about the vibrant aqua of the Andaman Sea rug. I’m already picturing where I’d put mine if I win!

  9. Elizabeth S.

    I started following PRC on Pinterest — which is perfect, since my husband and I just moved from AL to CA and are in DIRE need of some upgraded / updated rugs in our new space! I’ve already got my eye on several of the lovely rugs featured on their etsy shop, particularly “Meadow Flowers and Butterflies” (from the Boucherouite collection) and “All the Dahlias in Her Garden” (from the Beniourain collection).

  10. Stefanie

    Holy momma this is exactly the giveaway I need right now! I just bought a condo and replaced the hideous carpet with wood flooring- only to find that they have mandated I cover 75% of the area with rugs! I am in desperate need and absolutely LOVE Pink Rug Co’s assortment. I think I would go with either: ‘Pleasure in the Pathless Woods 8’x3” for my kitchen or ‘Queen of Flowers 7’x6” for my dining area.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!!

  11. Asheley

    I followed and pinned and really love All SUMMER I Made Friends With CREATURES NEARBY! And pretty much every other rug!

  12. Bidisha B

    I love the Boucherouite Rug, it is so versatile and beautiful! It was a tough decision because they are all exquisite.

  13. Jenna

    I love all of the rugs, but am especially in love with Sleeping in the Forest!! I followed along on Pinterest! :)

  14. Cory Pendleton

    I love the rug called “Getting Lost is Not a Waste of Time”. It would be perfect for my soon to be baby girl’s nursery. It’s playful and has lots of great colors. It would be a great addition to my condo.

  15. Lauren

    Wow, this was such a tough call–all the rugs are gorgeous! Good luck making a decision for the office. I think my favorite is the “All Summer I Made Friends with Creatures Nearby”. I also followed along and pinned a few rugs for inspiration. Thanks for this chance!

  16. Jamie

    Just started following their page on Pinterest, so many pretty rugs! It was too hard to choose one, I ended up pinning three. “A little star dust caught” would be so cute in the nursery!!

  17. Isabel Gregg

    Oh my goodness what beautiful rugs. They look perfect in a minimalist, white creative space. I especially love the Guide to the Good Life rug.


  18. CC

    Wah I don’t have pinterest. Anyway, I really the love the Secret History of Mongol Queens rug. Or the Guide to Gothic Homemaking. Heck they are all great, how are you supposed to just pick one?!

  19. Megan Welker

    Oh stoooooop it. How do you even choose? My husband and I are newlyweds so winning one of these incredible rugs would be amazing!! We love the simple, neutral feel of the one called “Approach Empty Canvas With a SECRET GENTLE SOUL” Crossing all of our fingers for this one!!

  20. Tamami

    I am following the them on pinterest and my favorite rug is the Approach Empty Canvas With a SECRET GENTLE SOUL Beni Ourain Rug.

  21. Jennifer

    I followed! It was so hard to choose that I pinned two rugs! I love the crazy diamond beni ourain and the feria de seville. :)

  22. Angie

    My favorite colorful one is: A Colorful Dialogue Crammed With 4 Months of EXPLORING the MARVELS of NATURE 9’x5′ Boucherouite Rug.
    What gorgeous rugs – so hard to choose just one – but I would, if I had too! :)
    Thank you, Cassandra and Pink Rug Shop for the opportunity!
    Best wishes on your office design – it’s going to be beautiful!

  23. Erin Hill

    Following Pink Rug Co on Pinterest. I colors and textures are so beautiful. So far my favorite is Boucherouite.

  24. Sam

    Oh my giddy aunt. How can one choose just one? Going on name I would pick TRAVELS With A DONKEY In CéVENNES. Have followed board and Pinner. xx

  25. Carin

    I am following Pink Rug Co and happy to have been introduced to the Pinterest boards. I love a big rug with a blast of color, the “Guide to the Good Life” in particular. What a fun giveaway, thanks!

  26. natalie

    Too many good ones to choose from. I like SAYING THINGS Like YIPPEE 8’x5′ Beni Ourain. Now I am an avid follower/repinner

  27. Claire Kelly

    I thought everything was set when I saw “He said he wanted to watch flying kites” because the name alone was beautiful, but then the Moroccan Rug caught my eye and what about “Coral Cave Labyrinth”? and “Had I Been Dreaming I was a Butterfly”? I’m overwhelmed! These rugs and their names are enchanting!

  28. Becky

    Love the Vintage Moroccan Boucherouite Rug, and would love to own any of these rugs, not to mention win the contest!!

  29. Diana Cote

    I follow their Pinterest as @kazoozle. My favorite rug is the BENI OURAIN 10’x7′ Moroccan Rug. It’s gorgeous! :)

  30. Molly

    I followed and pinned QUEEN of FLOWERS 7’x6′ Boucherouite Rug. Tapis Moroccan. Teppich Berber. Mid Century Modern Danish Design Compliment. I love the Scandinavian look of this one!

  31. Bobbie

    Love this one!!!

    Getting Lost is NOT A WASTE of TIME 8’x5′ Boucherouite Rug. Tapis Moroccan…

    Love all things Moroccan since marrying my moroccan husband!!
    Thanks! Bobbie

  32. Kellie

    I followed and I love her Pinterest boards! My favorite rug is Those Who Dream By Day. Great giveaway!

  33. Kaylene

    This is such an amazing giveaway! I pinned the Moroccan BOUCHEROUITE Runner Rug. Mid Century Modern Wall Art–I love them all!

  34. Cassie

    I followed and pinned on pinterest! My favorite rugs from the shop are ALL SUMMER and MORNING MIST. I am in LOVE with all of their rugs!

  35. Elyse G.

    The “There is PLEASURE in the PATHLESS WOODS” rug is outstanding and would look spectacular in my new apartment. *fingers crossed*

  36. Ann

    Followed! I love all of them, but I had to pick one I would go with the DREAM VISUALIZATION TECHNIQUES…the colors are awesome!

  37. Elisa

    I Loved all of them, but mostly these two, in this order.

    Those WHO DREAM by DAY 8’x4′ Boucherouite Rug. Moroccan Berber. Mid Century Modern.
    MAD DREAMERS Who TRIED 8’x5′ Boucherouite Rug. Tapis Moroccan Berber. Mid Century Modern. Danish Design Compliment

  38. Leigh Hunter Brian

    I pinned a few because they are all beautiful and so worth sharing but I love love the handiras and the rug ‘getting lost is not a waste of time’. Thanks for this comp.

  39. Marzi

    I love and adore, “All summer I made friends” for the playful design reminiscent of children’s chalk drawings. I love a bit of history and whimsy. Many stories could be told over this rug and friends made. Thank you for posting great content.

  40. Laura Pritchard

    I’ve followed as Isis1981uk & pinned/loved the In a WOODY Cleft of MOSSY PLACES 8’x5′ Boucherouite Rug

  41. Rocío

    “I saw the wilderness in her” is the rug I´ve pinned. And I follow now the shop.

    I love every rug on their Etsy shop :D, but I´d choose “Birds vanishing over water”

    Now I cross my fingers. Thanks for the chance
    Rocio Galindo

  42. Thais Bennett

    Love the Moroccan vintage Beni Ourain, . I followed on pinterest and I am entering the contest .

  43. A Saufley

    I LOVE a Guide to the Good Life. But, sadly it is already sold. I had already been following the Pink Rug Co. Etsy shop, but am so glad to now follow her Pinterest board!! What amazing rugs!

  44. sydney coffin

    Love the ‘Live a Rainbow Dawn’ rug. Pinned the site and the rug, and look forward to following the beauty!

  45. Peggi

    Wowza! The choices are dizzying,but I definitely need “Those Who Dream by Day” in my life. Although, “A Colorful Dialogue Crammed with 4 Months of Exploring the Marvels of Nature” definitely wins for best name:-)

  46. Lissette

    What great rugs….thank you for sharing! Though I love color, I’m a sucker for neutral and graphic. My pick is A Little STAR DUST CAUGHT.

  47. Katie

    I followed Pink Rug Co. on Pinterest and pinned the PLAGE PRIVEE Beni Ourain rug from the PRC Moroccan Rugs board. We just bought a house not long ago and are in dire need of a new rug to cover the hardwood floors in our living room. This rug would be perfect! So many amazing rugs to choose from at Pink Rug Co.!

  48. Ana

    Oh my! I’ve been following this account on Pinterest for a while, and I am absolutely in love. I have office envy!!

    For the contest, I pinned onto my home board, and my pick from her Etsy shop is “LESSON FROM A MIRAGE.” So lovely!

  49. Elsa Karlsson

    I absolutely adore the “SLEEPING in the FOREST 12’x6′” for a relaxing feeling in the beedroom.

  50. Sarah

    Loving the WE Are The WILD ROSES 6’x4′ Boucherouite Rug. I love the pinks and the diamonds! Would love to decorate my bedroom around this rug!

  51. Carrie

    Pinned, followed, and I love them all but perhaps my favorite is “I wake to the sound of rain!” thanks for sharing.

  52. Elisa

    Thanks for running this contest! I did all the pinning things! My favorite is probably the Those Who Dream by Day rug!

  53. Jaime Lopez

    I follow on pinterest and love these rugs. Personally I would choose the STAR DUST CAUGHT, perfect for my baby nursery I am putting together as we speak!

    – Jaime

  54. Meg S

    I’m following and I love the WELCOME To My ROCKY ISLAND 8’x5′ Boucherouite Rug! So many pretty ones to choose between!

  55. Jennie H.

    Following on pinterest and love so many of the rugs! One of my favorites is A Crown of Wildflowers…

  56. Erin Asher

    I’ve followed & pinned the Moroccan Beni Ourain rug. Love, love, love all the beautiful products!

  57. Jenny Neff

    I love all the rugs. I’d be happy to own any one of the Pink Rug Co’s Moroccan rugs. I did pin a favorite but it was hard to choose.

  58. Meredith Walker

    I’m so happy to see this etsy shop receive well deserved attention. I’ve been admiring their rugs for a few years now. Though this is a tough decision, the WHITE BREAKING WAVE 9’x4′ Azilal Rug is my favorite! Excited to be following Pink Rug Co. on Pinterest!


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So, this is a little series I’ve been thinking of doing for a while. Whenever I entertain – as I think most of us do – I like to play the part. Or rather, DRESS the part. Because I’m not just talking about being hostess with the mostess. I’m talking about literally matching up my outfit to the environment I’m creating. Is it crazy? Maybe. Is it fun? Heck yeah!

dress the party series cocokelley

And so I bring you, Dress the Party, our inaugural post.


1. red white and blue cafe lights // 2. striped melamine dishes // 3. linen stripe cocktail napkins // 4. red beverage dispenser // 5. chambray star shirt // 6. red white and blue striped skirt // 7. red and white striped sunglasses

Sidenote – I cannot believe it’s the 4th of July this weekend! We haven’t made a single plan yet, so I’m sure we’ll be scrambling at the last minute to host some friends or crash someone’s BBQ. What are you all doing? Any fun 4th of July traditions?

Psst. For more ideas from recipes to decor follow our 4th of July pinterest board

2 responses on “DRESS THE PART(Y) :: 4TH OF JULY!

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Goooood morning and happiest friday! The sun is shining and it’s going to be a hot one this weekend, so I’m ready to ring in the true arrival of summer around here while we work on our tans and sip some cocktails! It also happen to be Pride Weekend in Seattle, and what better timing could you ask for with the announcement this morning from the Supreme Court? I don’t know about you, but I will be celebrating LOVE this weekend.

neon love | coco+kelley


1 // I love pretty much any home tour, but find it particularly interesting to see what designers do with their own homes. I’m obsessed with the dining chairs in Lauren Nelson’s abode featured this week on Rue, along with a few more pretty little details.

2 // Sherbert is my favorite color. Therefore, THESE PILLOWS.

3 // Did you catch our serious sandal roundup at the beginning of the week? Adding these striped ones to the favorites list.

4 // I love this ‘live wood’ headboard DIY made out of plywood from In Honor of Design. A much more affordable – and lighter- option to the real thing.

5 // I mentioned last week how much I love nectarines, so I’m back at it with this Nectarine Prosecco Sangria which sounds absolutely heavenly. Especially in the almost-90-degree heat we’re about to experience this weekend!

6 // A very chic solution to my keys constantly getting lost in the bottom of my bag. I love the solid wood ball on this keychain with its artsy vibe.

Happy weekend all. Spread some hugs.

photography by katie parra

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