DULY NOTED :: 9.27

After traveling for the majority of the week, I’m so ready to get home to my cozy loft to enjoy the beginnings of fall in Seattle! This weekend’s links are so perfectly me… dreaming of little luxuries, and a lot of black…



1 // My birthday is exactly one month away, which means only one thing: time for a birthday wishlist! This super luxe pair of pajamas is on mine. (And a few more of my favorites here!)

2 // I’m all about painting old-world trim a dramatic black, and this entryway (and the rest of the home) might be the best visual argument for it.

3 // There’s a really sweet classic simplicity to this wedding - I fell in love with the place settings, but the whole fete is worth a browsing.

4 // Don’t hate me, but I’m really into mauve right now. Which means this super cozy mohair throw needs to get on my bed stat.

5 // This week I chopped my hair off and my stylist and I discussed the pros and cons of the return of the major sidepart. If this chic look is any indication of the updated style, count me in.

6 // Talk about easy updates to the wardrobe – these badass tassel earrings for under $10.

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Red is all I can think about adding to my wardrobe these days. Rusty reds, to be exact. If you hadn’t noticed, burnt orange was making a comeback on the runways lately, so I’m guessing if you invest in this color now, you’ll be able to wear it well into spring…


But for winter? Paired with nudes and greys all the way…


1. sweater // 2. dress // 3. bag // 4. pump // 5. umbrella // 6. bag // 7. boot // 8. hat // 9. sweater

I’m especially in love with that Madewell dress. It’s got a cool 20′s kinda vibe to it. And the accessories I found are making me consider lighter tones for bags and hats for winter! After all, they work just as well, and then I can bring them right on in to the warmer seasons again…

images ::

shop more red inspiration right here.


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I managed to get a bit behind on posts recently so I thought we’d kick off our Monday with a seriously inspiring space I had reserved for last week’s Room of the Week! A little wild, quite masculine and delightfully luxe, I have to say this living room belonging to Ken Fulk had me at… giraffe.

ken fulk living room masculine luxe giraffe head

The bit of safari influence here is unmistakable, but far from what you’d usually expect. There is no campaign style furniture to be found – just rich leathers and woods. I love the way the rugs have been layered in the room too – it gives it a much less formal feel, don’t you think?

ken fulk masculine living room

I’m sure the amount of fur and taxidermy in the space is not going to go unscrutinized and – yes – it’s a bit much. But I happen to like a bit of it here and there – like in this owl perching on the piano…

ken fulk living room detail ken-fulk-living-room-view

Oh, and hello gorgeous view.

ken fulk living room masculine luxe2

What I really love though is the mix of statement pieces. You’re not gonna find these items anywhere but the best vintage and antique shops. And while I’m not usually a huge fan of leather, that worn sofa is totally calling my name.

ken fulk terrace

Then again, so is the patio that leads perfectly into the cozy room. You must check out the full house tour on the Architectural Digest site.  The huge Sarreid brass chest in the bedroom will have you swooning!

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  1. WhimsicalVintage

    Love the whole look but I have to agree with Molly, that the taxidermy is not for me…however, it could be done faux style and still have the same effect. The windows are stunning and the design is simplistically elegant!


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Western style has been slowly creeping back into closets the past year or two, but I think it’s safe to say that the look has become a full-on trend at this point, with cowboy inspired ankle-boots, bolero hats, and – of course – plenty of fringe…


The good news? You don’t have to look like a cowgirl to rock this trend – as proven in the looks above. Classy and very city-worthy attire all the way.

Of course, if you happen to be one Miss Olivia Palermo, you can probably get away with upping your Western game a bit. Might I suggest not attempting the suede shirt + suede fringe skirt combo for the average person though? People might think you’ve adopted your Halloween costume a little early this year…

olivia palermo western style fringe suede skirt

I have major respect for the double-fringe aspect going on here though. Fringe skirt and fringe bag? Challenge accepted.


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

The key here is adding sophisticated elements – like those to-die-for Valentinos (just when I thought I was really sick of them – that color changed my mind). And keeping the fringe classy.

Mixing metals is also super acceptable with Western style, so those Acanthus earrings are perfect in every way - I love the way the prongs mimic the fringe (bonus, they separate so you can just wear the studs too!)

But the best news of all? I won’t have to be putting away my chambray shirts anytime soon.

Get more of the look here!

images :: stylecaster // natasha slater // elle // who what wear


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i come from a restaurant family, so it’s no wonder that I’m drawn to a bit of a commercial style in my kitchen. After all, open shelving, plenty of stainless steel and a more ‘deconstructed’ feel isn’t anything new…

industrial kitchen with light wood

But, how far is too far when taking this look into the home?

industrial style kitchen all stainless steel oversized lighting

The kitchen above just about hits my limit. However, if you swapped out the stainless steel backsplash for something more conventional, and added some touches of materials like wood or ceramics on a few floating shelves… I might be persuaded to change my mind.

industrial style kitchen sink and storage

This? Well, it’s a bit better – with warmer tones and a little less steel. But there seems to be a fine line here when finding just the right balance! Here are a few interiors that incorporate the commercial look well (in my opinion…)

industrial style kitchen with marble

The addition of the rug makes a world of difference in this all-stainless kitchen! While the marble is cold, it’s still a nice rich visual texture, and the wood shelves and swing arm lighting add personality.

industrial style kitchen with dark walls and wood accents

If you’re gonna go stainless… go all the way grey and saturate those walls! It actually adds a nice rich look. Just make sure you’ve got lots of light if you actually plan on cooking there. The touches of wood,  grey shelving – instead of stainless – is also helping matters, as are the accessories all over the kitchen that make it look lived in.

industrial style kitchen wiht old world tile floor

Frankly, you could do just about anything with those floors and wood beam ceilings and this kitchen would work. But I love the contrast of super modern and industrial with old world charm here – it works for me!

modern clean industrial style kitchen with black walls and marble counters

This kitchen could be borderline for some, but all the stunning windows and the fact that the island is a nice marble (or something similar) is helping me come around to the potential in this one. I actually really like the black in here for contrast with those white floors! Gorgeous.

industrial floating island in classic kitchen setting

For the majority of the traditionalists, I have a feeling this is just right – a touch of industrial in an otherwise classic – even a bit rustic – kitchen. And I’d have to say I’d agree. 

Which style is appealing to you the most? For our picks on industrial accessories for your kitchen, check out this collection we created on eBay! I even found some affordable pendants that I’m seriously considering for my own home…

images :: remodelista // unknown via the d pages // apartment34 // trendenser // belgrade apparel // planete deco //   remodelista // veranda



  1. Minna

    It’s so funny because whenever I see photos of such beautiful kitchens (mostly on pinterest), I always surprise myself at the really big variety of styles I’m drawn to. While at heart I love my classic kitchens with a more rustic feel, I also have seen some uber-modern, sleek and minimalistic kitchens I love. That last kitchen is just the right balance though- so gorgeous and can only dream of having something like that one day!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Caris

    I love the romantic, industrial inspired kitchen with patterned floors, as well as the rustic, traditional kitchen with the morning light flooding in!

  3. Serena

    I like the last kitchen with the glass door and the window with flowers or herbs beside because I’m into big romantic traditionally looking kitchens. Like you said, the light is very important when you cook and for me, also the possibility to get fresh air into the room very quickly is quite essential, especially when something goes wrong during cooking. ;) I moved to Toronto a month ago and I want my new flat to be original so I’m thinking about trying vintage style. I found a list of some shops here last week and I’ve already visited some of them. They had some unique pieces even for the kitchen but I’m still not sure. What do you think about vintage kitchens? Is it a good idea? I would be thankful for any of your recommendation!


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