While February may be the midst of winter, this month sure does lend itself to color! Splashes of pink and red in preparation for Valentine’s Day have crept into my feed (how about yours?) and started a craving for fresh, feminine hues…


1 // This ain’t your average pop-up shop. A gorgeous sherbert mix of antiques from Sasha Bikoff on display in Tribeca, featured on Rue, has me swooning (especially for that pink settee!) 

2 // Velvet has been making a comeback bigtime for me, and this pillow with its traditional vibe in an unexpected mint is spot on.

3 // If you’re a sucker for texture like I am, then this fun, furry bench is right up your alley! I love the shag as an alternate to mongolian sheepskin as it will stand up better to use. Might be a must-have somewhere in the house!

4 // Even though this is just a tease of more awesomeness to come, I couldn’t help but post these fabulously fun cookies from House of Lars… I guess we’ll all stay tuned to see the full party this week!

5 // My girlfriends and I have been hunting for a getaway, and after reading Julia’s account of her escape to Joshua Tree, I’m thinking it should be high on our list!

6 // Throw practicality out the window for a sec, and let’s just talk about how gorgeous this DVF luggage set is! As I get ready to jet set away in two weeks, I can’t help but think how fun these would be to tote around!

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Raise your hand if you have recently become completely obsessed with tile. It’s everywhere right now – and I’m definitely not talking subway tile. But do you love it enough to do it in your living room? This Room of the Week, belonging to David Stark and recently featured in NY Mag shows us how it’s done…

tiled living room with white sofa and bold art via ny magazine | coco+kelley

The eclectic mix of furnishings going on in here is right up my alley. A little antique (but not enough to feel heavy), a good dose of linen in the sofas (my fave), some great pattern mixing between the drapes and the floor, a bold piece of art, and a bit of whimsy…

bold art and whimsical furnishings in this living room vignette via ny magazine | coco+kelley

tiled living room with neutral textures and bold art via ny magazine | coco+kelley

tiled living room with neutral textures and striped curtains via ny magazine | coco+kelley

There is a ton of texture going on here too, which you know I dig. From the finish on the coffee table, to the wovens in the furniture and rug! But back to that tile… here’s where it gets tricky.

modern bookshelves in this eclectic living room via ny magazine | coco+kelley

From this angle you can see the bookshelves which, when butting up against the tile, start to get a little bit busy. Luckily most of the home is dressed in neutrals and this doesn’t happen to much, but obviously it is restricting from a design perspective. Do you think you could handle this pattern covering every surface of your home? I’m not sure. But I do so love it in the bedroom (bonus Room of the Week moment!)

a mix of pattern and tile in a modern bedroom via ny magazine | coco+kelley

a beautiful vignette with patterned tiles and texture via ny magazine | coco+kelley

One can only hope those are heated floors in the winter! This last vignette is my favorite in the whole house. I’m going for this exact look in our kitchen right now and am obsessed with those creamy grey tones! And, before you flood the comments section to ask, the tiles are available here. So… what do you think? Ready to trade in your wood planks for a little pattern?

photography by claudia uribe for new york magazine

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  1. Katie

    Beautiful tile, but I would definitely not want it throughout the house. Tile is way too hard and cold for me (even with radiant heat). For me, there is not substitute for wood floors. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. barbara

    Gorgeous for sure but I could not take that much pattern…..one of the reason that I can’t handle wallpaper (besides it being a miserable experience to remove) I like pattern on things easier to change (read as fear of commitment if you wish!)


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It seems that this topic is one that always comes back around at some point… what to do with that awkward, under utilized space under the stairs. As we start on some of our own home renovations, I’ve been debating this myself….

While there are a ton of options for this space (everything from simple storage to the kitchen sink – literally) these are some of my favorites…

under the stairs gallery wall and floating shelf | coco+kelley - in the details

a casual gallery wall moment under the stairs| coco+kelley - in the details

While a gallery wall may seem obvious, these two options bring their own unique twist. One with a low floating shelf for a little storage, and a lamp tucked under, while the other lends a super casual vibe with the leaning gallery.

kitchen appliances and storage built-in under stairs| coco+kelley - in the details

I wasn’t kidding when I said kitchen sink… or in this case, appliances. I never realized how many kitchens used this option until I started searching! Don’t believe me? Try it yourself to see everything from wet bars to pantries occupying this tucked in area.

small media storage and concrete shelving under the stairs | coco+kelley - in the details

I love the look of this built in, but what I really love is how it offers a space to tuck away some of the hardest items in the house to disguise – media equipment. The arrangement of pretty objects and stacked wood distract from the shelf just enough. (I’ve also seen this spot utilized for a television in small homes!) 

under the stairs seating with hanging display | coco+kelley - in the details

a cozy built-in nook under the stairs | coco+kelley - in the details

Built in or shoved in, a cozy seating area is always a welcome addition to a home, right? I like how both of these utilized a little overhead space for hanging objects and lighting.

architectural detail in this desk space under the stairs | coco+kelley - in the details

a super simple desk nook under the stairs | coco+kelley - in the details

Ok, guys, this is a BIG one because to me there never seems to be a great spot for a desk in the house, unless you have the luxury of a home office. Now, if your stairs are in the foyer, this probably doesn’t make sense, but if they are elsewhere in the home, I love this idea! Perfect for open stairwells like these where the light can come flooding down to the desk.

a dramatic wine cellar space under the stairs | coco+kelley - in the details

Ok, so maybe this idea isn’t for the masses (obviously) but I had to include this one just because it was cool. A wine cellar under the stairs!? And a well lit one at that. I don’t know if I’d really need to be this much on display, but I do like it!

firewood storage under the stairs | coco+kelley - in the details

And finally… a very utilitarian approach to the under-the-stairs conundrum… firewood. If you’re lucky enough to have a wood burning stove or fireplace, then this one is definitely for you! I could see us using our basement under-the-stairs space for minimal firewood that we use in the summer for the fire pit too!

While many of these ideas are depicted in large lofty homes, I think they can all be applied to our own smaller spaces as well… which ones are appealing to you?

images :: gallery wall elle decoration via yellows // casual gallery on mae mae // kitchen via arch daily // media storage via canvice //  nook via the generalist // built-in nook by sara bengur //  sculptural stairs with desk //  simple desk unknown // wine storage via home bunch // firewood storage on hus a hem


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In typical coco+kelley fashion, we can’t properly celebrate a “holiday” without a cocktail. Regardless of your relationship status or views on Valentine’s Day, I personally think it’s a great excuse to get together with friends and celebrate love. Not in the sappy, romantic sort of way… but in a fun, ‘I’m thankful you’re in my life – cheers to that’ type of way. Having a a few girlfriends over for drinks and desserts sounds like a great idea. Cue the cocktail recipe and two easy DIYs to accompany them!

the pink lady cocktail recipe (and stir stick DIY!) | coco+kelley

These festive stir sticks were incredibly easy to make. I used these faux gems with adhesive backing and it was as simple as pressing them onto these sticks.

the pink lady cocktail recipe (and stir stick DIY!) | coco+kelley

the pink lady cocktail recipe (and stir stick DIY!) | coco+kelley

In regards to the cocktail, I’ve got a thing for Italian liquor. After living in Florence, I was sad to see my stockpile of limoncello depleted. Luckily, someone gifted me a nice bottle for Christmas and I was eager to use it. I paired it with Campari and gin for an Italian version of the Pink Lady.

valentine cocktail12

Italian Pink Lady // serves one

  • 1 ½ oz. Gin
  • ½ oz. Cointreau
  • ¼ oz. Limoncello
  • ¼ oz. Campari
  • ½ oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 1 Large Egg White
  • Lemon Rind, for garnish

In a cocktail shaker, combine all of the ingredients with ice and shake very well. Strain the drink into a chilled glass and garnish with lemon and a stir stick. I’ve been in love with this marble tray  and it is so fitting for serving these cocktails.

the pink lady cocktail recipe (and stir stick DIY!) | coco+kelley

Alongside sipping cocktails, I opted for my favorite dessert: macarons. Being in the loving spirit, I thought it would be fun to send my friends home with a few of these sweet treats. The plain glassine bags were feeling boring beside these pretty cocktail napkins, so I decided to dress them up.

party favor gift bag DIY | coco+kelley

I had extra red crepe paper in my craft box, so I pulled it out, added a row of adhesive with a glue runner, and voila! I love the simplicity and texture it gives the take home bags.

pink lady cocktail recipe | coco+kelley

Sweet treats and cocktails… is there really anything better? Everyone have a fun Valentine’s Day. I hope you celebrate with the people you care about! For the record, I’m totally not against a romantic Valentine’s Day (after all – I am married!), but sometimes it’s nice to mix things up and host the friends you’re thankful for. Cheers to spending it with your person… or people!

xo, Sarah


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The sun is shining today in Seattle, and in exactly 20 days I will be headed off to Morocco and Portugal for some work and play! (And, yes, I’m absolutely counting down.)

the february shopping edit from coco+kelley

photo via the french eye

Two reasons why my February shopping edit may seem a bit more tropical and bright than mid-winter grey… and also because I can never get away from how much I love this combination of colors!

the february shopping edit from coco+kelley

1 red sunglasses // 2 wood mirror // 3 citron linen throw // 4 good vibes nameplate // 5 palm tree pillow // 6 folding leather sling chair // 7 paper mache crane wall decor // 8 mason cash mixing bowls // 9 chartreuse geo side table // 10 green and white juju hat

My dude really hates that citron color, but it’s one of my favorites and I’m thinking a bold jolt of it in that linen throw or side table is what we need to kick things up in the living room a bit! The pillow looks straight out of my future lodgings in Marrakech, which makes me want to bring it into my house even more. And what about those classic Mason Cash bowls? Go rummage your mom’s cabinets to see if she has some first… they’re quite the classic, and I love the pattern.

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