I can hardly believe it’s nearly Labor Day weekend. The true mark of the end of summer, I’m determined to make it count, so we’ve been hunting around a bit for last-minute cabins and weekend getaway spots that we can at least take a little day trip to. But if I were on the east coast, I’m quite certain that this charming little cottage in Captain Jack’s Wharf might be the perfect escape…



Now, if you’re an east coaster, I’m sure you’ve heard of this place, but being from the other side of the country, the NY Mag feature of this little space was my introduction to this row of tiny bungalows in Provincetown that was once used for fishermen to store bait and tackle.

In the 40′s it was where writers like Eugene O’Neill and Tennessee Williams hung out. And now, it’s a crazy little mishmash of well restored cabins that you can – yes – rent.



This cabin – Spindrift Hespurus – happens to be the one at the end of the dock, making it (I would guess) one of the most desired spots.



As you can see there is one bunk above the kitchen and the other tucked away just behind. I have to say even for a tiny kitchen, this one is very well done. In fact the whole space is decorating quite perfectly. Enough to feel cozy, without being overdone which would only make it feel more cramped.




Yes, I have a feeling I’d quite enjoy it here! Do you have plans to make an end of summer getaway for this last long weekend?

To see more of the cabins, check out the Captain Jack’s Wharf site.  I may have to add this to my destination list next summer, but for those of you out there already, they’re open into mid-October!


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The sad truth about this summer is a) it went entirely too fast and b) I spent far too little of it on a boat. Which may explain why I felt the need to bid the sunshine goodbye with an over-the-top nautical party. It also may have had something to do with my obsession with bejeweled life-size lobsters…

coco kelley bon voyage nautical party

nautical glam tabletop // party by coco+kelley

nautical glam tabletop with bejeweled lobsters // party by coco+kelley

Because clearly life is better with these gorgeous little creatures in them! I mean, what better way to top a lavish table of golden anchors, oversized clam shells filled with champagne, and red coral all topped with strands of ‘pearls’?

nautical glam tabletop // party by coco+kelley

Not to mention some of my favorite pieces from L’Objet – I’ve always had a thing for that scalloped china… and the coral cocktail forks? Too good. Really.

nautical glam tabletop // party by coco+kelley

But of course, we couldn’t stop there…

nautical glam tabletop  - ahoy straws! // party by coco+kelley

Customized straws that say ‘ahoy’ were absolutely necessary. What else do you drink your champagne out of?

nautical glam tabletop  - invitations // party by coco+kelley

The invitations were created out of a pattern of nautical flags. So fabulously graphic, don’t you think?

This little lobster is ready for a refill…

nautical glam tabletop  - bejeweled lobsters! // party by coco+kelley

nautical glam tabletop // party by coco+kelley

While this one is obviously getting greedy with her sparkle. (That’s my Francesca!)

nautical glam tabletop - ahoy straws // party by coco+kelley

nautical glam tabletop // party by coco+kelley

If you’re old enough to remember the movie “Overboard(unlike my interns who all stared blankly at me when I mentioned it) well then know you know my real inspiration behind this table. Can’t you see Goldie Hawn sitting here in her ridiculous oversized hat, yelling at Andrew for caviar? (For your reference…)

nautical glam tabletop // party by coco+kelley

nautical glam tabletop // party by coco+kelley

It’s purposefully ridiculous, but still fabulously tasteful, which pretty much sums up the way I like to think about most of my life, frankly. So who’s with me? Are you ready to send off our summer in overboard style?

sources :: lobsters courtesy of the fabulous kara ross // l’objet aegean dinner plate in platinum // l’objet coral cocktail forks // sapphire glassware // red coral // salad plates // linens courtesy of pedersen’s // custom straws at krazy straws

credits :: photography by julie harmsen // styling by cassandra lavalle for coco+kelley


  1. kate Zucconi

    I love the overboard (no pun intended)!! theme of this party x
    Those bejewelled lobsters are so cute and the nautical flags do make a great graphic on the invites!
    It looks like fun! I hope there were no men overboard!!

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  3. Alycia Nichols

    I am old enough to remember “Overboard” and many of its predecessors!!! That was a greatly fun movie, and yes…I can totally imagine Goldie’s character dining in this fashion aboard her yacht! Heck…I can see ME dining aboard my imaginary yacht!!! :-)

    I really like the mix of colors and textures on this table, as well as the “bling” that abounds!!! My kind of table!!! That anchor is perfect, too, as a part of the centerpiece! The invitations are top notch, bar none!!! And the fanciful straws just take the cake. If you’re gonna do it, DO IT…right??!??!

    VERY cool! The ultimate in posh nautical!


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Originally, I was going to share one room of this house with you all – a calm oasis of simplicity and architecture in this stunning living space…

fresh white living room with a view // prue ruscoe via coco+kelley

fresh white dining room with a view // prue ruscoe via coco+kelley

With a view I would very much like to be enjoying myself right now. All summer I had planned on making August my calm month. A month to enjoy the last bits of summer, soak up sun and time with friends, get organized in the office… but it’s been quite the opposite.

fresh white bedroom / prue ruscoe via coco+kelley

minimal bath with outdoor vibe // prue ruscoe via coco+kelley

Which could be why both bed and bath are looking incredibly good for me right now.

Two weeks ago, we took on a fairly major project that I am very excited to share with you as soon as we can, but it’s been a bit all consuming this week, hence a little more silence on the blog, and an eruption of behind the scenes shots on my instagram.

staghorn on black wall // prue ruscoe via coco+kelley

And why right now, these rooms and moments are totally all my overstimulated brain needs! I love the lines, the plethora of white, and sense of calm that encourages deep breaths and clearing of the mind.

clean modern living room // prue ruscoe via coco+kelley

clean modern living room // prue ruscoe via coco+kelley

(Although… the concrete could use some more cushions…)

clean modern living room // prue ruscoe via coco+kelley

architectural step detail into kitchen // prue ruscoe via coco+kelley

I hope you all are enjoying the heck out of the last few days of summer if you haven’t already begun the move into fall and school schedules. I promise to rejoin the land of the living (and blogging) next week with a really fun party we put together to bid farewell to summer!

images :: prue ruscoe

10 responses on “ROOM TO BREATHE…

  1. kate Zucconi

    These images are stunning especially that ocean view!
    This interior has very clean lines.
    I like the mix of styles and the artwork on the first image.
    I live in Italy and here we feel summer is coming to an end!
    As my kids have three and a half months off I’m kind of looking forward to the back to school routines!
    It’s been great, but…..

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Remember last year when everywhere you looked you saw banana leaf prints? Everything from bikinis to espadrilles to iphone cases were covered with the iconic style. While the trend has died down a bit (and I do mean a bit) I for one will never tire of this tropical style in the home.

And, just in case your on the same wavelength, we’re kicking off a new series around here that’s all about prints, patterns, and how to combine them! Starting with this fresh combo…

dining room banana leaf with stripes and wovens // coco+kelley

Now, just for a little education on the subject, there are actually two iconic patterns that have inspired all the rest of the banana leaf lovers over the years.  Martinique and Brazilliance have competed for favorite status over the years, and it’s merely a matter of preference.

How you use the pattern is up to you. I love the way it looks here with the addition of stripes and the a woven texture. Plenty of white lends to the tropical vibe, as does a darker wood table.

banana leaf print with dots and block print // bedroom styling via coco+kelley

This is how I’ve styled the fabric in my own home (yes, that’s my bed!). I made the small addition of a single pillow to add punch to my other patterns – a small organic dot and a black and white block print duvet. The fabric on that pillow, by the way, is a really great affordable option if you’re looking to order – it’s a Tommy Bahama indoor/outdoor fabric called Swaying Palms.

Now, if you’re more of a glamour girl (or guy), you’ll want to take the Hollywood Regency approach to this print…

banana leaf print wallpaper + pink dining room chairs + black lacquered bamboo

Remember this dining room? Yes, it belongs to Nicky Hilton, but let’s focus on the real important piece here – the use of the black piping on those divine pink chair cushions.

Ok, so technically this is cheating because there’s no other print in the room, but it’s such a good example of how to use that all-over print, I couldn’t resist! Combining the banana leaf with bamboo is a no-brainer. Black or white preferred. And yes, this room is a complete nod to the Beverly Hills Hotel where the wallpaper has been a staple for decades.

banana leaf wallpaper with brass and malachite // powder room via coco+kelley

Now if you really wanna go big… first may I suggest starting small? I mean that as in the size of the room.  If you’re afraid of mega print like this, try it in a space that you don’t spend a lot of time in – like a powder room. Then go a little crazy with it. Here, combining it with brass elements and malachite isn’t too overwhelming because it’s tone-on-tone.  The elements all sort of blend together, even though they’re all very strong (and glam!).

banana leaf watercolor art + greek key + moroccan blanket // bedroom styling via coco+kelley

Last but not least – combining banana leaf with a bit of greek key (or any form of black trim really) lends itself to a regency vibe, while the Moroccan wedding blanket brings in a bit of boho. Keeping the rest of the room basic black and white makes it all fresh. And in case you’re wondering where to get those framed prints? They’re right here.

Which way would you style your banana leaf?

images :: zeke ruelas // belathee // instyle // marjorie skouras // mint love social club


  1. Nan

    Just like probably everyone else I have loved seeing banana leaf prints everywhere but I had no idea how to incorporate it into my own home with out getting new curtains or wallpapering a space. I love how you simply added the pattern by a pillow on your bed, it looks wonderful paired with your other patterns!
    xo Nan
    Simply Elegant Blog

  2. Maria

    I love both the bedroom mixes! I like how the bold print can be included in a room without overpowering it. I think I am in need of some banana print for this upcoming summer in the southern hemisphere! Thanks for the ideas. :)

  3. Molly {Dreams in HD}

    oh my gosh i absolutely love the banana leaf prints. we visited the greenbrier earlier this year and they were everywhere. i haven’t been sure how to style them so i truly appreciate your picks…i adore every single room you have chosen.

  4. Caleigh

    I love that powder room! I’d love to incorporate the banana leaf print into my camper! We go camping in the summer so often and most trailers have that yucky ‘ready-made’ wallpaper (with the light colours that are all swirly with 90′s throwback gold trim). Since we’re already glamping (our camper is 28 feet long and we run the AC 24/7) why not dress the camper appropriately!

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As much as I love hopping on a plane to travel, come August there is nowhere else I’d rather be than the Pacific Northwest. And in following with yesterday’s dreams of a weekend getaway, I thought it high time that I shared with you a weekend my guy and I took together in the beginning of the summer to Eastern Washington…

road trip to cave b

Oh, how I love a good road trip! And for Seattleites, getting east of the mountains is essential when you’re ready for some sunshine and a whole different terrain. This time, we were setting our sights on visiting the Cave B Inn. Technically in Quincy, Wash what’s cool about this place is it’s right next to the Gorge Amphitheater, so chances are if you’ve ever seen a concert there, you know that this place exists.

Cave B Inn at the Gorge

What you might not know is how awesome it is. A working winery, with a small garden that feeds the restaurant, the inn is set up above the Columbia River and boasts a variety of lodging for every type of experience (and budget!).

view of the gorge from cave B

The Cliffehouses that you see above are tucked into the terrain, and offer the most luxurious experience (hello soaking tub, privacy and view!). While the Yurts are on the opposite end of the spectrum, offering a fun quasi-camping vibe. We tried them both, and loved them equally!

vines and yurts at cave b inn

But let’s get down to the most important stuff. Yes, there’s wine tasting. Yes, there’s a pool. Yes, you can hike down to the river. And, yes the restaurant is fantastic.

dinner at the restaurant at cave b

So fantastic, actually, that we ate there both nights without a single complaint because we wanted so badly to try the whole menu! Oh, did I mention the spa? Yep, there’s that too – a very small one that could use a little updating, but hey, to have the luxury of all these amenities and this walk to dinner each night? You won’t hear me complaining…

walking to dinner

On top of everything else, the key ingredient to our fabulous stay was the GM, Mark Nudelman who not only treated us like royalty, but from what I observed while we were there, and experiences that my friends have had since, simply goes above and beyond for every guest to make their experience the best it can possibly be. Something that we see far too little of these days, and something that makes a nice little weekend getaway into an amazing weekend getaway. Thank you for spoiling us, Mark!

On our way home, we extended our trip over to Wenatchee so that we could pop into Pybus Market. I was so impressed by the renovation of this historical steel warehouse into a thriving market space. The dining options were awesome (we indulged in some pizza at fire!) and the market merchants too!

pybus market

pybus market pastas


If you’re passing through, I highly recommend the detour for a bite and some foodie shopping!

A big thanks to everyone who made the weekend so enjoyable! And if you’re heading east of the mountains, and have any questions, let me know. Personally, I can’t wait to get back to Cave B again this fall to stock up on some more wine and a little R&R…


  1. kelley

    This is beautiful and in a million years I would have never heard of it. Thank you for posting! It’s beautiful, would love to plan a visit with my sister from Vancouver, Wa.!

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