For our Moroccan brunch we made two dishes – one of which is super easy and something I could easily see whipping up for a side dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner! The combination of sweet, salty and spicy is total perfection…

harissa sweet potatoes recipe // coco+kelley

harissa sweet potatoes recipe // coco+kelley

Harissa Sweet Potatoes // serves 4

Ingredients ::

  • 2 medium yams or sweet potatoes, diced
  • 1-2 Tbsp Harissa paste
  • ½ onion (optional)
  • Cilantro (optional)
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Instructions ::

Preheat the oven to 400 F. Scrub and dice the sweet potatoes (we left the skin on ours!) then toss in a large bowl with 1 tablespoon Harissa and a dash of olive oil. Because people’s tastes – and Harissa – can vary, taste test yours first to see how much you’d like to use. If your Harissa is super spicy, you can dilute it a bit with olive oil. If it’s not, you can add another tablespoon. Make sure sweet potatoes are coated well.

harissa sweet potatoes recipe // coco+kelley

Once coated, place the sweet potatoes on a parchment paper lined baking sheet, giving them room to crisp up. Sprinkle a bit of sea salt and pepper to taste. Bake for 15 minutes, then stir them up. Check again after another 10-15 minutes – once they start crisping up around the edges, they’re ready!

If you’re a fan of onions, simply sauté a few of those up with olive oil and a touch of Harissa until they brown. Toss them in with the potatoes. Chop up a few cilantro leaves and garnish! I like to add a few whole leaves on top just for looks too…

Harissa Sweet Potatoes Recipe // coco+kelley

We served ours for brunch along with this Moroccan Shakshuka (recipe for that coming soon!), but you could easily pair it with a simple scramble, or poached eggs served on top! They’d also make the perfect side to kebabs or other Eastern inspired dishes!

credits :: photography by meghan klein // recipe and styling by cassandra lavalle for coco+kelley


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If there’s one thing ya’ll should know about me by now when it comes to my tabletops, it’s that we rarely do anything too conventional around here. Last year, we whipped up a fantastic Mexican menu for Valentine’s Day. This year? I was inspired by one of my favorite Moroccan dishes and some beautiful linens to create a simple, layered table for Easter… with an eastern twist.

coco kelley moroccan brunch for easter_8

coco kelley moroccan brunch for easter_1

Whenever I do a ‘themed’ table, I like to make it subtle. When people think of Moroccan decor, they tend to overdo it with lanterns, layers of beautiful bright textiles, or Moroccan poufs and blankets. All of which is beautiful, but not at all what I was going for here…

coco kelley moroccan brunch for easter_6

coco kelley moroccan brunch for easter_12I still wanted everything to feel fresh and light, so the nod to Eastern culture is in the details – Moroccan tea glasses, flatware from India (?) that belonged to my grandmother, dishes that look handmade, and a variety of palms, succulents and marigolds…

coco kelley moroccan brunch for easter_2

The initial inspiration came from these beautiful linens hand-embroidered by artisans in Mexico, given to me by my friend Heather Taylor

coco kelley moroccan brunch for easter_5

coco kelley moroccan brunch for easter_11

I’ve been obsessed with wanting to do a chambray blue tabletop, and her new blue colorway was just perfect. Then, I added my favorite color of the moment – this bright cheerful yellow – for a freshness that evokes Spring…

I potted little marigolds into minature bowls, and created place settings using broken eggs and little succulents!

coco kelley moroccan brunch for easter_3

coco kelley moroccan brunch for easter_9

coco kelley moroccan brunch for easter_7

And when the table was set, we got on to the best part – a traditional Moroccan dish called Shakshuka, which is insanely fun to say, and even more delicious to dine on! We’ll post the recipe here soon.

coco kelley moroccan brunch for easter_4

I love the contrast of this rich dish with the pale blue table setting, don’t you? After all, dining with friends is all about the food!

credits :: photography by meghan klein // concept and styling by cassandra lavalle

sources :: napkins and tablecloths by heather taylor home // yellow bowl contact anthropologie stores // terra cotta salad plate // blue + brown dinner dish // napkin ring as egg stand // mini bowls for marigolds // egg crate holder // white modern candlesticks // antique flatware and moroccan tea glasses from the coco+kelley prop closet


  1. Amanda

    I am loving the little succulent egg place cards! So creative, as always!! I am also a huge fan of Moroccan food, I can’t wait to see the recipe. Bravo :)

  2. Courtney

    This Easter tabletop pulled a few heartstrings for me and really brought me back to Easter dinners (that would happen at 2pm in my family) at my Polish grandmother’s house. She had a blue tablecloth much like that and would set the table in her beautifully patterned flatware. It was simple, cozy yet so thoughtfully put together. I love what you did here and thanks for invoking some warm memories for me.

  3. Shell

    I am seriously hearing this table arrangement. Blue and yellow so fab together and those little wooden placeholders are divine. Happy Easter Wishes – Shell , A Darlings Nest


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I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s ever been asked the question, “If you could have one person design your wedding dress, who would it be?”. My answer includes a few people – the first one being Oscar de la Renta.

So, when bridal fashion week rolls around, you know I’m always keeping my eye out for what my favorite designers are showing on the runways. But, I couldn’t have been more shocked (and pleasantly surprised) to see Mr. de la Renta include an eyelet bikini wedding frock amongst princess worthy gowns during his show…

oscar de la renta bridal 2015 _ eyelet bralette and skirt_1

oscar de la renta bridal 2015 _ eyelet bralette and skirt_4

I’m sure there will be a plethora of opinions on the subject, but I have to say, for a hot tropical wedding, I’m willing to be bet there are brides out there who would be much more comfortable walking down the aisle in this ensemble versus a heavy dress…

oscar de la renta bridal 2015 _ eyelet bralette and skirt_2

oscar de la renta bridal 2015 _ eyelet bralette and skirt_3

Perhaps sewing in a sheer overlay between the top an bottom would make this a bit more appealing to some? Or, maybe it’s simply the perfect pre or post wedding ensemble for the bride? Either way, I’m loving this more bohemian side of the fashion label – this dress included…

oscar de la renta bridal 2015 _ bohemian bride

Of course, if push came to shove, I’m sure I’d be going with this stunning train – a classic de la Renta move if I’ve ever seen one.

oscar de la renta bridal 2015 _ ruffle train

oscar de la renta bridal 2015 _ classic bride ruffle train

The front is a bit boring, but that’s nothing a little embellishment can’t fix. Thoughts? I know you’ve got an opinion on this one…

images :: via oscarprgirl pinterest

6 responses on “OSCAR BRIDAL GOES BOHO?

  1. Splendid Market

    Oh, Oscar, he always keeps things so fresh. I love the eyelet ensemble for the beach wedding, or the after party, so stunning, with a classic edge. The garlands and simple garden bouquets are equally refreshing. Beautiful finds Cassandra.


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In just a couple of weeks we’ll be hosting our second coco+kelley workshop here in Seattle, and I’m pretty darn excited about it. The design team who helped me put together this blog – CooperHouse – is coming to teach a two-day course for small businesses who need a little extra help in the graphic design department. And, just so there’s no confusion on how amazing and awesome this could be for you and your own biz – they put together this amazing infographic to spell it all out…


Here’s what your fearless workshop leader, Erin Cooper, has to say about the class:

“When a small business invests in a website and a brand, they may not always have the funds to hire a designer long-term to help reinforce the brand. Lots of businesses DIY their design for promotions, and we believe that teaching them the right way to design, and giving them the tools they need, will help eliminate poor layouts, ineffective visuals, and embarrassing mistakes. Learning to be a professional graphic designer does take years and years, but the fundamentals necessary to learn basic promotional design using Photoshop & Illustrator can be taught in a workshop, especially if the student is diligent with practice.

Ultimately, our goal is to reach out to our community and offer something that could have an immediate effect on the success of these small businesses, and empower non-designers to create visual messages that are effective & help elevate their brand.”

Sounds like something you could use? Good! Because we’re giving away ONE SPOT for the workshop! If you can join us April 25th-26th in Seattle, then leave a comment below letting us know how you’d benefit from attending, and then tweet about the giveaway with a link to this post and include @casslavalle or @cooper_house in the tweet. The winner will be drawn on Thursday! Good luck!

for more info on the workshop, or to purchase tickets, please check out the eventbrite page


  1. Acanthus Nichole

    This is such a great opportunity!

    I could benefit from this because from day one starting my brand I have been self taught and done just about everything on my own. I’ve had to try and figure things out, and often coming to a round about, less than ideal solution because I’m winging it! There are so many ways learning these skills would benefit my business from marketing, website maintenance, product photography and editing, packaging-you name it! A large reason why I started my business was because I was so excited about all of the new skills I could learn, graphic design being one of them.

    Plus, it would be so much FUN! xo

  2. sarah sutin

    That would be amazing! As a recent college grad trying to balance a day job and pursuing a design career this would be an awesome boost. I would love to learn so much more and fine tune the skills I picked up on my own along the way. Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. Tania Arceo

    I’m fairly new to blogging and would love to learn about graphic design and help make my site vibrant and fun. I would love the opportunity to learn and have the hands on training that the workshop provide. There is so much information out there that sometimes kind be confusing. This would help me focus and learn what it is I should be doing rather than guessing.

  4. Kate

    I’d really love to take this workshop! I would really like to take ownership of both the design elements of my brand as well as the complementing photoshop skills. I have no experience with graphic design or photoshop and I am overwhelmed and confused when attempting either. I’ve been looking for the right place to learn and this seems like a great place to start!

  5. Chelsey

    The best giveaway of the year – experience! My entire career (8 years) has been a frustrating long haul trying to learn blogging, social media, website, photography, photoshop, etc. I know you should spend money to make money, but sadly bills come first and I haven’t been able to do any branding. (My company name isn’t even my name anymore!) This would be such an amazing experience to win a chance to learn and better yourself+your business.

  6. Stephanie Wilborn

    I would absolutely love to take part in this work shop. I’ve had more than a few trial and errors and have tried relaunching only to get frustrated as I make the same mistakes again and again, albeit in different ways. Like so many other small businesses trying to get off the ground I am doing this “on the side” while I keep my paying day job, but would one day like to call my dream job my day job.

  7. Giana

    As a representative of TerraCotta Properties, a residential design-build firm, we find it extremely important for Interior Design and Architecture businesses to pay attention to the choice of graphics and photographic representation of their brands. As a small business, we’d love to join your team and workshop attendees in Seattle to learn more about how we can strengthen our brand and stand out within our local design community.

  8. Melanie M.

    I do PR for a living and studied English and journalism but I would like to expand my knowledge in the design area. I take a lot of photography as part of my job and have a personal passion and interest in quality images and visual storytelling. I’d love to join you and grow professionally!

  9. Ursula

    This would be an awesome event to attend! I’m staying home with 3 active beautiful children and budget is tight for traveling. But hey, if I can I would have to go ;)

  10. Kim

    As a small business owner who does all of her own branding/design/etc., your workshop would be the perfect opportunity to work on my skills and better my brand while also meeting other creatives.

  11. Shamila

    Immersing in a workshop with the Cooperhouse Team seems like the ideal match for me and my design business as I consider elevating the brand further.

  12. Cozbi

    I have meandered through the past 7 years exploring various creative fields. Primarily, I’ve spent my time nursing my small, professional wedding photography business. Now, I am interested in taking my experience and my aesthetics and building a deeper knowledge in two main areas:
    First, clear and cohesive concept development.
    Second, executing strong visual communication.

    I’ve not signed up for other larger-scale blogger/photography/software shops because those have not felt like the correct fit for someone looking to intimately pursue equal parts education in artistry and technical skill. I think this CooperHouse workshop could be spot-on both in timing and course topic for this primed creative!

  13. Mandi

    I am always trying to grow my skill set. Many of the things taught in this workshop I have been trying to master for the the past couple of years on my own time. I think an intimate environment with access to expertise would enable me to be more confident approaching the creative side of things!

  14. Sylvia O'Leary

    Cassandra I’m so mad I missed this. I am a Home Stager. My business is fairly successful but I really need to bring it to the next level and I truly would have benefited from this workshop. I work in South Orange County (home of the first Real Housewives)…I was forced to reinvent myself when my husband’s job went sideways. Unfortunately my computer skills aren’t the up to par with my Staging skills. I love your blog. I’ll try next time.


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If I never hear the term ‘festival style’ again in my life it will be too soon, but there is something to be said for the overall aesthetic of this genre. Usually defined by bohemian, flowy tops and dresses in lace, embroidery and a more ethnic influence, this mesh of worldly influences can be quite beautiful…

seams for a desire indian jacket


But once you’ve left the festival grounds (or the California coast), how do you wear these looks in a more everyday environment? I prefer a chic, polished take on these ethnic elements. I’m especially smitten right now with the use of beaded belts and Indian textiles (I mean, how often do we get to rock mirrors on our body?). It’s all taking that one beautiful piece – new or vintage – and letting it make a statement.

While ethnic prints and styles have been trending in fashion for a while now, I really like this turn its taking to be even more true to the original cuts and styles of the sources for these inspirations. The return of kimonos, huipil, and jackets like the one below are proof that some traditions are best left untouched… and allow us to take these traditional garments and really make them our own.


1. jacket // 2. denim // 3. leather skirt // 4. necklace // 5. heels // 6. cami

Finding that one piece can be hard – this jacket is from Zara – but there are some really beautiful vintage ones to be discovered on Etsy! I love the idea of pairing it with edgy denim, or a mini skirt for warmer weather. If something like this is a bit too bold for you, find your own way of incorporating some more simple accessories into your everyday look.

inspiration images :: seams for a desire // unknown  // lady addict

7 responses on “GET THE LOOK :: ETHNIC CHIC

  1. Toby

    Love the bohemian look. Cost Plus usually has some nice, flowy tops and kaftans that I love to pair with a nice pair of jeans!

  2. Courtney

    I’ve been looking for those Dolce Vita shoes in my size everywhere! They are the perfect summer heel in my opinion.


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