Watch out banana leaf and pineapple prints. This year’s tropicals are getting a sophisticated twist in black and white, and frankly – I couldn’t be happier.

palm leaf tropical drawings // via coco+kelley

Cut25 Spring 2015 palm tree print / via coco+kelley

It’s no secret that I love a more beachy vibe, but when it comes to my home and my wardrobe, I can’t deny my neutral inclinations, making this style irresistible, and perfectly me.

black and white tropical print and vibe // coco+kelley

1. raffia sneakers // 2. msgm pineapple coat // 3. sara story wallpaper // 4. fringe mules // 5. tropical print top // 6. fabric boho bag in palm leaf print // 7. jute wrapped circle mirror // 8. cream sunglasses // 9. black and white clutch // 10. metallic woven round pouf // 11. the rug i’m currently obsessed with

Of course you don’t have to go just for the palms or the pineapples, it’s all about the mood – like that jute-wrapped mirror or fringed heels and rugs. But the easiest way is to hop on the black and white bandwagon in some fashionable prints like these:

images :: the jungalow  // cut 25 lookbook


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I don’t know if many of you follow my friend & blogger, Justina Blakeney, but this inspirational gal has just released a stunning, colorful new book called The New Bohemians profiling the lives and homes of fellow boho spirits, and I’m thrilled to bring you a peek at what’s inside today!


While there are many design elements throughout the book that relay the laid-back, layered bohemian style (macrame, layered suzanis, you name it), one detail I picked up on that’s super easy to incorporate into any interior are the many uses for organic wood.


This awesome driftwood pendant was probably one of my overall favorite details amongst the many homes! I love the nautical feel with the silver bulbs!

One of my favorite parts of the book is that it’s divided into different personality types of bohemian homes. I lean more towards the Nomadic or Romantic Bohemian, but it’s fun to flip through the pages to see which style you relate to the most.


And then of course there are the ideas that are so simple, you have a ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ moment. I love the use of a gorgeous wood slab as more of a natural way to add a layer to the coffee table vs. a structured tray. Genius, and easy. And this book is full of those moments, including a few DIY’s from Justina herself.

Thanks, Justina for having me as a part of your book tour, and for the sneak peek! A huge congrats to her for producing such a beautiful piece. I highly recommend picking it up! (Available for purchase here.)


  1. Emily Katz

    So excited that you love the images from the book of our home! We made those driftwood lights ourselves.
    Justina sure captured the best parts of our home.


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You know how I love me some fresh white walls, warm, natural materials, and a curated, global vibe…

all white lofty dining room by hannah blackmore // via coco+kelley

So you know that I loved this room from the second I saw it! It’s a great example of mixing woods and wovens in different textures, and also a great layout for an open floor plan or loft. I always struggled with that at my old place – where to put the pieces so that it made sense.

The mini rug under the dining table is an interesting choice – it definitely defines the space, which is what I think the purpose was, but seems out of proportion. Of course, a larger rug wouldn’t have worked. I can’t decide if it’s cute and unexpected, or just unnecessary.

all white, natural home shot by hannah blackmore // via coco+kelley

The big potted plants and the plethora of light and mirrors make the space feel insanely fresh. I also love the peek of blue you get from the trim around the sliding doors. In fact this vibe is really similar to what I was going for with my own loft when I lived there.

all white, natural living room home shot by hannah blackmore // via coco+kelley

I like the ‘basket’ lights that go the whole length of the space, keeping things simple while tying it all together – super essential to those open floor plans where, visually speaking, it all needs to work well together or it starts to feel cluttered.  And let’s pause to collectively die a little bit over all that gorgeous worn leather.

The best part about this home? It’s actually not much of a challenge to do something similar for yourself.

white and worldly loft // get the look via coco kelley

1. large basket pendant light // 2. wishbone dining chair // 3. ikea pot // 4. reclaimed wood dining table // 5. peacock mirror // 6. leather sling chair // 7. woven basket // 8. moroccan rug

While I’m not sure I could maintain such a purely white home for long, I do love many of these elements, but especially that leather chair – I’d love to add a pair to our own living room. What pieces could you see incorporating into your own design?

Here are a few more fresh ideas:

photography by hannah blackmore

4 responses on “ROOM OF THE WEEK :: WHITE + WORLDLY

  1. Michelle

    Hi, Cassandra, love your blog! It is always the first one I check everyday. You mentioned in your post that this particular room reminded you of your loft space. I was thinking that in your current dining room (which you are redecorating) that you could get inspiration from this space as well. You said in an earlier post that you weren’t sure if you will keep the wood table or switch it out for the marble-topped one.I instantly thought that you could paint your wood table’s legs white like the one in the photo to lighten up the space a bit.

    1. Cassandra LaValle Post author

      Nice idea Michelle! I hadn’t thought of that, and I’m not sure my boyfriend would go for it since it’s his table… but worth being an option! We’ve also discussed putting a marble top on the current table, but the problem is that he really loves the texture of the top, so that’s out. I’d almost rather take the top of his and put it on an industrial base that’s powdercoated white. Could be a cool mix!


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There’s always that lull when designing a room that’s the ‘sit and wait’ period. And my friends, we have entered it.

In the past few weeks orders have been placed, and now I’m just waiting for everything to arrive! The roman shades, the chandelier, the new console (marble!) and some other surprises…

coco+kelley one room challenge dining room accessories

west elm chandelier // minted art (by matthew sampson) and frame // west elm marble console // serena & lily stools 

This whole room has been a practice in compromise for me. I love all the pieces that we’ve settled on together, even if they weren’t my first choice, and I think it’s going to be a nice mix of rustic and modern. For example – the touch of brass in the chandelier vs. an entirely brass fixture (what I probably would have gone with).

After we chose the art, I saw these gorgeous Serena & Lily stools that I’ve been drooling over for a while now, and the pink ones had gone on major sale. Sooooo, I bought ‘em. I’m considering tucking them under the console for a little bit of a feminine touch, but right now they’re hanging out in my dressing room. And if J is reading this, it’s definitely the first time he’s heard about that plan (sneaky sneaky).

coco kelley dining room with blue walls rustic table and tulips // art via minted

We do have the large piece of art from Minted already, and I love it. J and I picked it out together – I have a lot of art that I’ve brought over to the house, but I wanted something this big to be a piece we were both really into. Now I’m in the process of trying to figure out art for the large main wall because – as you can see – this one is going at the end of the table.

And then there’s the issue of the rug…


Most of you mentioned in the last post that you either a) weren’t into the rug at all or b) were into it but not in that room. Although I actually didn’t mind it, the moment the large piece of art went up I realized it was really competing with it. So… I’m considering all of the above options instead. (And also this one – thoughts?) 

Why these? Well, they’re neutral enough for texture and a bit of pattern (the diamonds are quite small) and are indoor/outdoor rugs, which I prefer in a dining room environment. They also come in the right size – a 6’x9′ which is harder to come by. Personally I’m leaning towards #4 to keep things light and soft, but I’m curious to know what you think! My goal is to have the rug ordered by the end of the week because… it’s getting close to crunch time for this challenge!

Speaking of which – have you been following along with the other participants? Any favorites so far? Here’s the full list just in case you’ve missed them… and you can also see the rest of my challenge posts right here! Can’t wait to hear your feedback this week!

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The One Room Challenge is Trademarked by Calling it Home

17 responses on “ONE ROOM CHALLENGE :: WEEK 3!

  1. Jana

    I’m SO in love with your art choice & I’ve always been obsessed with those SL stools. I’m a huge fan of dash & albert rugs, when I’ve used the diamond pattern it almost has a sheen to it which I think is so pretty, since you have stripes on the chairs I love the idea of the graphic diamond pattern! The space is coming together beautifully!

  2. Garrett

    I own rug #2 in the smallest size, and use it as a bathmat. I love it for how I use it, but don’t think that you’ll like the thickness of the yarns in a dining room. It just feels REALLY casual, and I imagine scooting chairs across it would be a pain. I would advise against this choice, even though I do like the product.

  3. Molly Bridget

    Hi there!

    I am not against getting a deep clean on the original rug you had. The rich pink with the sea blue would be a beautiful, unexpected combination. Give it less of a nautical feel.
    My sister has a dining room with that exact look and it is stunning. May have to send pics your way for inspiration!


  4. sherry hart

    I have used the D&A rugs many times….the other commenter is right that they are thick and do tend to stretch and wrinkle. If you do get one make sure to get a really good pad. I am partial to the OKL rug but then I did not hate your original one!

  5. Always Rad

    Love the ‘coming soon’ mood board! It all works beautifully together! ANd though all the options you put up for the rug are great, we think number 4 would look beautiful with your design!

  6. Ricci Moore

    I followed your link for the Serena & Lily stools. Were they actually $800.00 each? I did not see a sale nor pink.

  7. Kristen @ The Modage Cottage

    I love how things are turning out – and I’m so glad you managed to sneak in a little marble! I think the art is a beautiful piece. The pink touches really soften the room and those stools will really bring out the color and soften the room up even more. The framing of the art really makes it the focal point though – I’m so glad you went with a beautiful wood rather than a standard black! As for the rug, I initially thought #4 would work best, but the more I think about it, the more I’m kind of leaning towards #3, surprisingly. It’s simple, neutral, but still offers a little more, I don’t know…oomph without taking away from anything else. Add a few quirky accessories and some greenery and the room could go a cool boho glam. Looking forward to next week’s updates!


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Denim is as old as the USA. Well, maybe not quite, but it certainly feels like the defining fabric of American fashion. It hangs in every closet, is folded in drawers nationwide, and it comes in shapes and styles that fit every lifestyle. All that said, we’d all be down right bored if it wasn’t cleverly reinvented from season to season.

The ladies of Le Curate here, and since we’ll fully admit that denim is the cornerstone of much of our dressy and casual wardrobes, we thought an overview of Spring 2015’s newest versions might inspire your next purchase.  And boy are the current offerings unique. We’re going to go ahead and declare the quilted and denim-on-denim looks our personal favorites, but a little embroidery goes a long way in terms of impact and wearability too.

top denim trends for spring 2015 // denim on denim with chambray via coco kelley

The head-to-toe chambray look has summer written all over it. Feel free to mix your denims or create a jumpsuit look without the hassle of an actual jumpsuit by pairing similar shades. Just remember to make it flow.


top denim trends for spring 2015 // full length denim skirts via coco kelley

The name of the game this Spring is length, and you’ve gotta love the way the button-up denim skirts lengthen those legs! Again, an all over denim look is fun here, or pair it with fresh stripe to get that 70’s look.


top denim trends for spring 2015 // embellished denim via coco kelley

Not for the faint of heart, embellished denim has been making its comeback, but we’ve never seen it so extreme! If patches and rhinestones aren’t doing it for you, look for denim-on-denim texture as a softer alternative.

top denim trends for spring 2015 // quilted denim via coco kelley

Quilted denim is really having its moment off the runways and on the streets right now. A perfect lightweight coverup for spring that will definitely take you into fall.

Oh, did you want to know our favorites? Well, here you go:

top denim trends for spring 2015 via coco+kelley

quilted bomber jacket // chambray sleeveless blouse // applique denim shorts // wide leg chambray pants // full-length denim skirt

You’ll see that the overall take away from this seasons’ take on denim is Don’t Be Shy. Its time to let your look evolve, just like denim has…

As always, if you need a little extra help in the styling department, you can pop over to the Le Curate site for some more inspiration or to set up a styling consult! 


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