Since the entertaining season is nearly upon us, I thought instead of a Room of the Week this week we’d feature a Tabletop of the Week with a favorite celebration of mine. A late summer harvest that could easily translate into fall, this warm winery setting provides the perfect backdrop for a farm-to-table style dinner party with friends…

harvest dinner at pippin hill farm | via coco+kelley

harvest dinner fall floral arrangement | via coco+kelley

fall harvest dinner blankets and beautiful pears set the scene | via coco+kelley

I love the use of natural elements in all the florals – you’ll see herbs, vines and produce mixed into all the settings, and they’re just beautiful. The colors are also so warm and the sunshine so rich, you can almost feel it from these photos! The blankets for guests is such a nice touch too.

fall harvest winery dinner setting at a farmhouse | via coco+kelley

What I wouldn’t give for a huge farm table like this to entertain friends! Such a dream.

harvest dinner tabletop place setting | via coco+kelley

harvest dinner setting with persimmon smash cocktails | via coco+kelley

The setting was created by Lynn Easton of Easton Events who owns the stunning venue – Pippin Hill Farm. It looks like a heavenly place – it’s no wonder they’re host to many VIP weddings…

fall harvest table setting at a virgina farmhouse and winery | via coco+kelley

fall harvest table setting florals and candles | via coco+kelley

fall harvest dinner table setting decor| via coco+kelley

harvest dinner table with guests | via coco+kelley

How quintessential is this little scene! I think I need to get myself a farmhouse…

// photography by tec petaja as featured on style me pretty //


  1. Gray Maher

    Don’t you love this? Pippin Hill is 30 minutes from my house. And I want to work at Easton Events when I grow up.

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I will fully admit that I’m not much of a garland person. I tend not to decorate my walls by draping swaths of fabric, pennants, felted shapes, banners or the like. But recently, I’ve had a bit of a fascination with wood beads... 

wood bead and tassel garland DIY | via coco+kelley

I’ve used them in my own decor, piled in bowls, and have seen them as oversized prayer beads adorning my friends’ walls, but had never considered them for my own space. Until now. Because we’re adding TASSELS!!! (Anyone else feel like tassels are the cool new DIY trick to making everything better?)

wood bead and tassel garland DIY | via coco+kelley

What you’ll need… 

  1. Wood beads (available at most craft stores)
  2. Thick string – I went with a neutral twine
  3. Tassels! There are ways to make your own, or you can cheat like me and buy ’em all pretty and ready to go (we got ours here!). 
  4. Spray paint in a color that compliments your tassel selection.

wood bead and tassel garland DIY | via coco+kelley

I won’t even spell out the steps for you because I think this one is a no-brainer of a DIY. All you need to do once you have all the supplies is spray out a few beads in the colors you want (we probably did about 6 of each) and start stringing!

wood bead and tassel garland DIY | via coco+kelley

I didn’t really count the spacing too much – I wanted to have it feel somewhat organic, so I did a bunch of the plain wood beads at each end, but in between just went with whatever spacing I wanted for mixing in the tassels and painted beads, alternating colors as we went.

Pro tip: use tightly wrapped tape around the tip of the string to guide it through the wood bead holes a bit easier.

wood bead and tassel garland DIY | via coco+kelley

I think this will make for some lovely decor anywhere in the home! Mine is currently laying around my vanity tray waiting to be hung up either in the bedroom or my new dressing room which is in the midst of being designed! Where would you put yours?

photography by meghan klein for coco+kelley

5 responses on “DIY :: TASSEL + WOOD BEAD GARLAND

  1. franki

    Oh, for Pete’s sake…I just added jute tassels to my two floor lamps (course, started with burlap shades, etc. etc.) Great d.i.y. by YOU!! franki

  2. Sarah

    This looks like one of those things that I would want to make, and I would make it, but then I’d have no idea where to put it. Maybe you could make some cool candy cane (red and white) wooden bead garland and use it on the Christmas tree? I’m actually liking that idea although I wonder if it would be too heavy.


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There is a quote that goes ‘Though she be but little, she is fierce!(Shakespeare, I believe) and this Brooklyn home reminded me of that sentiment in several ways.

While it is surely not the smallest townhouse (especially by New York standards) on its own, the rooms are quite tiny. However, each space is so perfectly taken advantage of that you barely notice! Instead the focus is on the ‘fierce’ design…
brooklyn house tour living room with turquoise sofa | via coco+kelley

Some of you may hear ‘fierce’ and think I’m talking over the top drama-queen glamour. I’m not. I’m talking about bold choices – like a bright teal sofa – that make for strong moments in small spaces. Like this stunning little seating area below.

brooklyn house tour dramatic but small seating area | via coco+kelley

In a way, it’s easier to design for these little moments – there is no room for extraneous furnishings or a sigh at having to find yet, another lighting fixture. Nope – it’s iconic sling chairs, draped in mongolian sheepskin, a bold modern chandelier, and dramatic art over that gorgeous fireplace and … done.

brooklyn house tour dining room with fireplace | via coco+kelley

The mix of period furnishings in this home is pretty magnificent. When the couple purchased the 1,000 square foot property, they did extensive renovations to open things up, but wanted to preserve the history as much as possible too, and the home truly feels like it’s been curated over the years.

brooklyn house tour rustic dining table | via coco+kelley

brooklyn house tour kitchen with herringbone floor | via coco+kelley

Are you taking notes? I am. Grey herringbone wood floors, brass kickplates, and dark cabinetry are all winning in my book. I like that they used rather traditional knobs that blend with the cupboards to create a cohesive look, only going for one bold splash of brass in the long cabinet hardware.

brooklyn house tour small grey kitchen | via coco+kelley

And THIS stunner. Talk about a droolworthy range (and hood!).

brooklyn house tour gorgeous range in marble kitchen | via coco+kelley

The bathrooms in this brownstone are nothing to sniff at either. In fact, this is where I think the design strays most into modern territory – taking classic tiles and mixing them in ways most wouldn’t think of. And how about that sink!?

brooklyn house tour black and white tile bathroom with corner green marble sink | via coco+kelley

brooklyn house tour open spindle staircase | via coco+kelley

The stairwell was something that was a big piece of the renovation – it was all enclosed, and they knocked it open allowing much more light into every room.

brooklyn house tour small bedroom with built-ins | via coco+kelley

Substantial built-ins in the bedroom make up for lack of space, and the rest of the furnishings are kept quite simple (you’ll not even find a headboard here!).

brooklyn house tour black and white bedroom | via coco+kelley

Again, a stunning mix of tile in the master bath…

brooklyn house tour mixed tiles and brass fixtures in the bathroom | via coco+kelley

brooklyn house tour mixed tiles and gold fixtures in bath | via coco+kelley

And last but not least… a view from the yard!

brooklyn house tour backyard studio | via coco+kelley

I’m envious of this backyard office retreat. I wish I had one of my own! While I love working out of the studio, a quiet space like this would be divine. Oh, and I’ll take the kitchen too, while we’re at it.

images via :: photography by bruce buck for the new york times and elizabeth roberts


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It’s difficult to believe that burl wood is the result of a flaw or deformation. Sometimes the most beautiful things are created from happy accidents. Although they look bumpy and weird from the exterior, once harvested this type of wood is known for its rare, one-of-a-kind patterns, and is highly sought after for high-end home decor. It’s a classic trend that remains on our radar and will be the first of a series I’m resurrecting.

You probably remember it as the one that’s all about prints, patterns, and how to combine them, or maybe you even recall my personal favorite, featuring banana leaf prints. Either way, it’s one we couldn’t completely leave behind. The first of the updated sequence is starting with this stylish burl wood combo…

burl wood with green and blue china chinoiserie | via coco+kelley

First, a quick little background on burl pieces. The luxurious pattern comes from interlocking wood grain that is extremely delicate to work with because it’s susceptible to breaking. This means large pieces like tables or credenzas are typically produced by an experienced craftsperson and hold quite a bit of value. Plus, a sizable piece equals a larger statement.

I love the way the table looks here, with the chic addition of the blue ginger jars, blush peonies and upholstered green dining chairs. These traditional elements paired with a modern light fixture will certainly withstand the test of time.

burl wood kitchen island with marble and black accents | via coco+kelley

If you want to go really crazy (as in crazy beautiful), how about a custom burl island? Although neutral, this scene is complete perfection. The cool marble slab contrasts flawlessly with the rich color burl. The leather upholstered bar stools with brass bamboo legs pull this look together for an industrial, yet sophisticated and balanced kitchen. Combining three organic materials like wood, marble, and leather is always a good idea!

burl wood in a traditional setting with cool and warm contrasting tones | via coco+kelley

Interested in using burl in a subtle way? A piece of furniture like an occasional table is the perfect option. It displays the impressive pattern, rich wood tone and wow factor, without being the center of attention. Pair it with a hint of color- like the pastel blue sofa, alongside bold, geometric patterns. This helps to counterbalance burl pattern, creating a curated look. In case you’re wondering where to find a little burl of your own…I’m currently crushing on these nesting tables!

burl wood and high contrast black and white | prinat + pattern via coco+kelley

Now, if you’re the type who wants to use burl in a not-so-subtle way… this one’s for you! The size of this storage cabinet is impressive, but what really draws your eye to the piece is the configuration and use of color. Cool, high-contrast colors such as black, white, and navy surround the warm colored burl. The art is strategically positioned around the wardrobe; it literally frames the furniture. Each of these strategies force your eye to focus on the burl in the center of the composition. How’s that for an interior trick?

burl wood, zebra ans textured color for an ultra glam and virbrant setting | via coco+kelley

Last but not least- let’s examine the graphic approach. Just because burl makes a statement, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun elsewhere in a space. In this amazing room, the burl table is used as a neutral. The key is to select patterns and colors that are completely different from the burl. Large-scale, graphic patterns like zebra print work perfectly, especially paired alongside saturated and bold primary colors. The oversized art and chandelier balance the heavy table, so even though there’s a lot happening- it all works in harmony (so glam!). Looking for a burl dining table of your own? This mid century version has me dreaming of renovating my own dining room!

Which way would you style burl? I’m looking forward to many more pattern posts! xo, –Sarah

images :: grant k. gibson // henry bourne // heather hawkins // thomas o’brien // nuevo estilo


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Hurrah for Friday!! I feel like I’m about to make the final push through some serious chaos before I leave in a week and a half for a little trip… to JAMAICA!! (More on that soon!). We’re shooting lots of fun stuff for the holidays (and Halloween, of course!) in the next week that I can’t wait to share with you! In the meantime… links and loves!


1 // With the change of seasons, I know many of you probably have some garden items that need preserving. I’ve been reading up on all kinds of delicious salts to add to the pantry, starting with this Garden Herb Salt, which I may just get started on this weekend!

2 // You say modern, I say moderne. (What? It just looks fancier.) Either way, the black and white texture in this modern lamp is an instant classic in my book. I’ll take two!

3 // I’ve been obsessed with tramp art style mirrors for quite some time now and noticed them making a small comeback a few years ago, but this modern take on it from the new Ken Fulk for Pottery Barn collection is really doing it for me.

4 // I’ve been stalking my friend Victoria’s progress in her Los Angeles bungalow for months now, so I was so happy to finally get a peek at it last week on Refinery29! (PS – that cool pendant can be found right here.)

5 // No, I’m not wedding planning. But if I was, this huge single magnolia bouquet would be instant inspiration for my own bouquet. I love the simplicity and unique style!

6 // Is it too early to have my eye on some holiday pretties? I think not. Better add this pleated, metallic maxi skirt to the top of that wishlist. She’s fancy. Not fussy.

2 responses on “LOVES + LINKS 9.25

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