Open shelving in kitchens has proven itself to be less of a trend and more of a staple these days. While I definitely prefer to keep most of my items hidden behind closed doors, I must admit that having a few shelves to style with some of our prettier selections would be nice.

So, while I contemplate where those shelves might go (and what might go on them!) in our own home, I thought I’d explore all the options for how to style your kitchen shelves… by personality!

how to style your open kitchen shelving - the classic | via coco+kelley

Call this the new traditional or The Eclectic – whatever it is, it’s an instant classic. A mix of rustic and refined, modern and antique, these shelves are purely for displaying the prettiest serveware and selections – you won’t find any everyday staples here.

how to style your open kitchen shelving - the baker | via coco+kelley

The Baker has a one-track mind and a utilitarian approach to shelf styling. Each canister and bowl is meant to serve its purpose – to be at the chef’s immediate disposal for whipping up pies and pastries! The only thing missing from this photo is a happy mess and some neatly organized spices.

how to style your open kitchen shelving - the artisan | via coco+kelley

Your friend who knows all the cool small indie shops? That’s this shelf. A little bit hipster, with a fresh eye, The Artisan finds the balance between form and function and shows them both off here. Enamelware and mason jars are a must, along with locally-crafted cutting boards, of course.

styling essentials to fit your kitchen personality - part one | via coco+kelley

The Eclectic ::  s&p shakers | cake stand | cutting board |mortar & pestle

The Baker :: mixing bowls | spice jars | canisters | mixer

The Artisan ::  egg cups | gold spoons | dishware | ceramic pitcher

how to style your open kitchen shelving - the collector | via coco+kelley

The Collector (ie the entertainer, chef, or all around kitchen junkie) requires a look all their own… and a lot of extra shelving! There’s no room for styling here, just pure organization where every piece can be easily seen and found. The pieces may seem ‘basic’ at first, but each has their own character – carefully selected for expertly styling the table or plating perfect dishes.

how to style your open kitchen shelving - the purist | via coco+kelley

Modern lines and minimal styling is the nature of the The Purist. Their glassware is likely from Ikea, but don’t let that fool you. They prefer to save their budget for serious treasures from artists and craftsmen who create heritage pieces that shine on these simple shelves.

how to style your open kitchen shelving - the barista | via coco+kelley

For the true coffee aficionado, one method for creating the perfect cup is never enough. The Barista‘s shelves are lined with presses and carafes, the ideal mugs for every cup, containers for every bean varietal… and sweets to accompany! 

styling essentials to fit your kitchen personality - part one | via coco+kelley

The Collector :: glassware | marble & wood boards | bowls | dishes

The Purist :: s&p shakers | glasses | brass basket | ceramic container

The Barista :: mugs | espresso cups | espresso maker | french press | espresso machine

Which style suits your kitchen personality? I’m obviously a collector, but all my props stay in the studio, so for our home, I’d say I’m somewhere between an Eclectic with many classic options and the Artisan with the many ceramics that we have on display!

images :: design sponge // a couple cooks // smitten studio // domino // kitzellg // a merry mishap

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I woke up this morning to a cool grey sky and the promise of September being just around the corner, and I’m kind of stoked. Fall is my favorite season, and September is my favorite month! I’m at my best when nesting season comes around, but this year is different because I have a whole house worth of projects to tackle! So, you can guess what I’ll be up to this weekend..

coco+kelley weekend links roundup for August 28th

1 // Justina Blakeney over at The Jungalow just revealed her total kitchen makeover, and of course I’m dying over the green tiles she used throughout!

2 // As if I didn’t have enough throws in my life – this graphic quilt is the perfect addition in black and white!

3 // I don’t think I need to tell you where this ‘boss’ pennant might end up…

4 // Some of you may know Maia McDonald from her blog, her pinterest, or her role as Art Director at Rue Magazine. But recently she added a new title to her list of achievements – shop owner. Check out Bitte, a beautiful curation of children’s goods with sustainable practices and modern design.

5 // This week, my good friend Anne Sage revealed her total home transformation on Rue. Talk about coming full circle! I’ve know this wonderful gal for years, but you’ll have to read the article to find out how our crazy connections landed her where she is today.

6 // I’ve been in love with this chair for a loooooong time, but recently they added even more color options to the leather lineup, and now I’m dying for this deep green-teal…

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When something is inspiring me in the moment, there’s usually good reason. Case in point – this bathroom.

a hacienda style home boasts this beautiful poured concrete sink with a modern pendant | via coco+kelley

I’ve been trying to gain some design direction for our downstairs bath, and this gorgeous scenario has me swooning. A concrete poured sink, clean lines, natural textures and elements, and that gorgeous gorgeous lighting. I love the addition of that unique wood shelf as it warms things up a bit. The little touches of green are a must. Bathrooms are my favorite places for plants!

a poured concrete shower with natural elements and skylight  | via coco+kelley

In the shower, similar tiles and more poured concrete are stunning under that natural skylight (if only!). The couple also incorporated a large rock found in big sur to use as their soap dish, which I love. It’s those little elements that make such a huge difference!

Every inch of this home is just as beautiful too – see the whole tour here.

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Accessible interiors are so much the trend these days, that it’s become a bit more rare for me to feature the higher-end homes that I used to around here. Everything is white and scandinavian or ‘bohemian’ style, worn and collected. Rarely do I find a home that’s refined without being stuffy: that perfect mix of classic, elevated and yet still somewhat approachable design.

new traditional living room in sydney | via coco+kelley

When reading the article on this Sydney home renovation, the style was described as ‘urbane sophisticate’ which made me pause because those are the two words we’ve used around here many times to describe our own style.

This architectural gem that displays refined taste but allows for comfort is, needless to say, right up my alley.

new traditional living room in sydney  with oversized art | via coco+kelley

The scheme is simple – tons of white walls, black accents, and a serious art collection. Nothing overdone, some spaces feeling even slightly underdone (clean!) and every selection meticulous.

arched doorway in hall with rustic floors | via coco+kelley

The kitchen is just as you would expect it to be – simple – but featuring beautiful details like ceiling cladding and what looks to me like nailhead trim along the top of the cabinet moulding.

black and white kitchen with nickel pendant lighting and marble counters | via coco+kelley

white cabinets and black island in the kitchen | via coco+kelley

Naturally, there are three dining areas (ahem). 

casual dining room with iron doors to patio | via coco+kelley

A more casual dining space, which I would assume is adjacent to the stunning kitchen, opens to a patio where a small outdoor dining area lies in case you’d like to bask in the sun over breakfast (yes please).
outdoor patio dining area with woven chairs | via coco+kelley

formal dining room with slipcovered chairs and striped rug | via coco+kelley

Then, of course the formal dining area, which I actually love. For all it’s ‘formality’ it still looks cozy and comfortable. Plus I’m always insanely jealous of a fireplace in this particular room.

Upstairs, a serene master bedroom…

master bedroom in grey and blue | via coco+kelley

master bedroom fireplace | via coco+kelley

I’m only assuming that this fireplace was original to the house, and if so, I have to say that I love that they worked with the color. A soft blue or mint is always my favorite counterpart to a brick red or burgundy, and thus what could have been an eyesore becomes a beautiful focal point.

clean bedroom with blue paneled walls | via coco+kelley

The paneling in this guest room is just gorgeous! Given a room with this much detail on the wall, I would do exactly the same – show it off with textured wallpaper!

modern bath featuring rich wood and white | via coco+kelley

You can see the master bath in the full tour here, but I prefer this one with its mix of warm wood and white surrounds, with a clever shelf for display.


  1. Holly Irwin

    What a treat!! Thank you for sharing this dream home……..all of my favorites are here……the monochromatic color scheme, contemporary art, and those black iron windows and doors, oh my! Seriously sophisticated!

  2. Lisa

    Truly gorgeous. Reminds me of Nancy Braithwaite’s work. How does one achieve such a level of sophistication without formality per se, and use so much color and keep a calm look?


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This week I’m starting on the next room in the house, and I’m super excited about the fact that this time it’s a space that’s all my own, which means… WALLPAPER! I’ve never had it, and I want some sooooo baaaad.

classic bedroom with wallpaper by brittany ambridge for domino

But, being a commitment phobe, before I paste anything up, I thought I’d take a look at the options out there for removable wallpaper patterns. You know, in case I change my mind in a year (likely). Turns out, a lot of them are more fresh and customizable than regular wallpaper options and there are plenty of styles out there for everyone…

top 10 removable wallpaper designs and sources | roundup via coco+kelley

1 // Hygge & West has some of my favorite wallpaper out there, and their selections for removable designs don’t disappoint! Their collaborations include lines with designers like Karla Pruitt, Joy Cho, Anna Rifle Bond,  and more.

2 // Kate Zaremba might be my favorite Etsy option for fun removable wallpaper. Her patterns are really fresh, featuring items like avocados, zebras, swans, pineapples and more.

3 // Chasing Paper just announced their recent collaboration with Lisa Congdon and also offers lines from other well-known designers. The styles are on-trend and offer a range of more modern, geometric styles. My favorites are those from designer Kelly Ventura.

4 // WallFlora is an Etsy shop featuring (you guessed it) floral and tropical patterns. Everything from traditional to trendy, I love the palm print above and this awesome skull pattern too.

5 // CoverME Wallpapers is another Etsy shop out of Latvia (I’m sensing a trend) that features some more fresh and whimsical patterns like feathers, origami sail boats, and geometrics, all in (you guessed it) customizable colors.

6 // Betapet offers their own versions of some very popular patterns that you might recognize, but also offers the option of choosing your own color for their wallpapers. This shibori-esque print has me seriously considering it for my own home!

7 // Timothy Sue might be best known for their ‘hearts apart‘ pattern, but I love this bold blue ‘waterways’ collection myself. Their style is funky and colorful!

8 // I had to give a second shout out to Hygge & West because this pattern from Linna Rennel is a personal fave! I love her organic style.

9 // Modified Tot is an outlier in this round up as she only offers one pattern to choose from at the moment, but I loved the colors so much, I thought it worth a mention! There are tons of wallpapers out there that are so fun for kids, but this is one I’d use in my own nursery for sure!

10 // Livettes is another Etsy shop out of Latvia, and I love their selection! Yes, they too offer customizable colors, and their patterns err on the fresh, modern side.

image via domino


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